Do I pay attention to BMI?



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    Well you all told me what I needed to hear! I'm in denial and need to step up my game! Haha Thankyou guys! :)

    we're all in denial when we see oreo cookies - sure I can have one ---- one -- not one carton

    Its walkers salt and vinegar crisps for me!!! Found it easy cutting out fizzy drinks but this is harder! Haha
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    I think it depends on your height if size 12 or 14 is obese. I weighed in the upper 180s and am 5’ 8” and wore a solid size 12 pant and 14 dress. That’s in the overweight category for BMI. I now wear size 10 pant and still 14 dress (large ribs, shoulders and bust line, so it’s too big around the hips, but fits around the chest) and am still in overweight category at 170. I Will probably wear a size 8 pant and 14 dress (maybe a big size 12) if I ever get into the normal weight category. So clothing size really doesn’t tell you if you are obese/overweight or not.