Do you plan on counting calories your whole life in order to maintain?



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    ok this is weird, I thought I was responding on someone else's page with that title and now I come back on and it looks like it's my question, LOL (this site is SO HARD for me!) hahaha - oh well, that was just my answer to another person's post, sorry not sure how to take this one down? LOL
  • betty_veronica4
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    I think so, yes. Maybe not strictly each day, but I think I will need to for accountability.
  • Gutcutter500
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    I suspect I will at least try to log. It often helps me in deciding whether to add something on or just say no. It is not a bother as I am a numbers person. It also helps me with mindful eating and more significantly, P-O-R-T-I-O-N C-O-N-T-R-O-L!!!!!!! lol
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    No way!
  • krael65
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    And though using a food scale and logging can be a pain sometimes, it's remarkably effective if used properly and consistently.


    Well done! I love your user name also. :)
  • Tugsandpull
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    I could stop but when I do I don't hold myself accountable and end up gaining weight so yes I believe I will count calories
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    I usually track my meals now and then wing it for snacks - but if I know I'm going somewhere (like the movies tonight) then I'll pre-log the popcorn or whatever. It helps me plan what kind of snacks I can have and what I should avoid for the day. I'm not super strict because I'm actually working on getting my 10,000 steps per day and that allows me to be less careful!
  • emilyofmysfamcottage
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    I'm a food addict, so yes. I will continue to count calories once I reach my maintenance goal.
  • CarvedTones
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    goatg wrote: »
    I also find that when I am dating someone and not weighing food, or go on vacation, I usually lose weight.

    While losing, I usually was looking for things to eat at night like I was completing a jigsaw puzzle because I was being almost too careful early in the day. I have some pretty standard meals that worked with a lower target and when I have something I am not sure about, I tend to err on the side of caution, probably overestimating the portion and picking the most calorie laden entry that sounds about right for what I ate (like a homemade dessert that a coworker brings in).
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    I'd like to think that I would, I think that once I stop, I'll start eating more then I should, but I've got a long way to go yet, so who knows, hopefully by that time, I'll be a great weight and and I'll love my body and I'll never want to gain weight again...if only life were that simple.
  • HowUdish
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    Not really sure it mainly just helps me understand how much I'm eating on a daily basis and what areas to improve on. I don't see why I would stop because even if my phone broke I can still log on my computer.
  • AuroraErratic
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    I think it's the only thing that will work. In the past I have just sort of estimated....apparently I am really bad at estimating, because the weight always crept back!