I just learned that I have the adrenal body type and I am doing Keto....



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    Before I went Keto I had issues with my mood and suffered from hypoglycemia (I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes at the age of eight). I often had trouble focusing in school and had at least one glycemic event per week. My running was good, but it could of been better. I’ve decided to go Keto after seeing my mother benefit both mentally and physically from the diet, and ever since I’ve been living a even better life. My mood has gotten significantly better, my hypoglycemia is non-existent, and I’ve had many improvements to my endurance sports. Despite the somewhat-popular belief that fat makes you fat, my weight has remained unchanged.

    Since starting Keto at 16 I was 5'9 and 150 lbs. Now (age nineteen) I am... 5'9 and 150 lbs with 8% body fat. My LDL level (amount of "bad" cholesterol in my body) for this year is 137mg/dL, which is normal despite consuming 30-60g of saturated fats a day. That is my success with Keto. My mother (who is now 50) has been in Keto for three years now and has experienced similar benefits (minus the glycemic benefits as she doesn't suffer from it). This is despite her having half a thyroid.

    If I may ask, what exactly is the "adrenal body type?" Was this provided by your primary care or nutritionist?

    See above excerpts, it wouldn't be provided by Primary Care as it's not a medically recognised diagnosis.
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    I find it interesting the majority of "adrenal fatigue" diagnoses are from chiropractors.
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    cathipa wrote: »
    I find it interesting the majority of "adrenal fatigue" diagnoses are from chiropractors.

    Collusion ;)
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    OP - don't fall into this scam. There is no such thing as a "body type" which prohibits you from losing or requires you to do a special diet plan. Maintain a calorie deficit - put your info into MFP and have a reasonable weight loss plan (0.5-1 pound a week is reasonable for most), weigh your food and log everything you consume (avoiding homemade and generic entries). Move more - if this means you only walk 5 minutes a day while gradually working up to 30 minutes a day then so be it. Have patience.

    Just want to get back to the early simple, solid advice for the OP. I would also add that you should take several body measurements, because sooner or later, you'll get frustrated with the scale, so some other metrics will be heedful. Good luck! Stick with it, be very very patient, keep using MPF as a tool and for community support, and you will succeed.
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    OP you don't have an adrenal body type, don't overcomplicate weight loss, it's pretty straightforward.

    Excerpt taken from http://www.sheilakealey.com/nutrition-experts-shouldnt-trust-2/

    "Eric Berg
    Eric Berg is a popular health and wellness “expert” (actually a chiropractor who has ventured beyond his realm of expertise). [/b]

    Chiropractic is non-science hokum.

    So he has ventured beyond his realm of expertise in non-science hokum.

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    Was wondering if anyone else out there with this issues and are you having any success staying in ketosis

    I can stay in ketosis, starting no carbs (adkins in the past) is hard until after I get through day 3. I also intermittent fast while in ketosis. I have taken the Berg survey and, like the majority, fell into the adrenal body type too but I dont pay to much attention to it. There is a lot of research out there that says different things ... I am not sure who is right, but I do find keto easier than most. Good luck on your journey
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    I don't know about adrenal types, but what I would suggest is this:

    Track your calories ruthlessly (I actually get up at midnight and do it if I have forgotten to do so during the day...crazy, I know.)

    Check your macros daily.

    See if you are losing weight and how you feel.

    I can't sustain weight loss if I feel awful, i.e., have no energy, spend 99% of my day thinking about food.

    I've noted that to 1) lose weight 2) feel good 3) feel it is sustainable, I need to eat about 40% product, 40% carbs and 20% fat. That's my personal formula.

    Find the formula which works for you. MFP is a great tool, but tools are what we use to achieve our goals and for me, the best goal is sustainable weight loss and a feeling of well being.

    Take care.

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    Meta-analysis regarding the bogus, non-existent "adrenal fatigue": https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4997656/

    Eat a reasonable diet and consume less calories than you expend for successful, sustainable weight loss. It's that simple.
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    What everyone else said about "adrenal fatigue," but beyond that I find the idea that keto would be recommended for what is, apparently, supposed to be about chronic high stress levels and overuse of cortisol (from most descriptions of what "adrenal fatigue" is by those pushing the concept), in that one thing we know from studies is that a potential bad thing about keto is that it tends to lead to elevated cortisol.

    I'm not anti keto, I think it can be a good choice for some, including those with IR or who struggle with appetite control on higher carb diets and who enjoy the keto way of eating. I don't think the cortisol issue will be a reason not to do keto if you are someone who benefits from it (in terms of sustainability of your diet/calorie deficit). But it is why I'd never do it as a cure for supposedly having chronically high cortisol or issues with having supposedly blown out my cortisol making from overuse (which again is what adrenal fatigue supposedly is). You'd want something that would put no added stress on the body.