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Your best tips for weight loss



  • cathipacathipa Member Posts: 2,992 Member Member Posts: 2,992 Member
    Being consistent, and allowing all foods in moderation.

    Whoever said this is woo, why?
    I lost over 1/2 of my body weight doing this.

    Could be a woo "yea" too. This is why the woo button should be replaced. Its typically taken out of context.
  • kgirlhartkgirlhart Member Posts: 4,228 Member Member Posts: 4,228 Member
    My tip is to eat foods you like. If you give up all the foods you like and start eating foods you don't really like because they are "healthy" you will never be happy or feel truly satisfied. eventually you will give up on eating the "healthy" foods and go back to eating the "bad" foods. You can lose weight without being miserable. You just have to find a woe that you can sustain for life.
  • mandabeth34mandabeth34 Member Posts: 141 Member Member Posts: 141 Member
    Chew gum and eat lots of veggies.

    Not in that order.
  • GoRun2GoRun2 Member Posts: 343 Member Member Posts: 343 Member
    Mmm roasted balsamic vegetables
  • dsbooheaddsboohead Member Posts: 1,900 Member Member Posts: 1,900 Member
    As others have mentioned, plan ahead what you would be ordering before eating out and lift weights! Since I started eating clean, I don't crave junk food like I used to.

    This is soooo the truth! You just have to get thru the first week!
    You also have to want your goals more than food in excess!
  • frannieshackfrannieshack Member Posts: 329 Member Member Posts: 329 Member
    If it is a sandwich or something I can cut in two, I eat half a portion and save the other half for later. It keeps me satisfied longer than eating that same amount all at once. Does anybody else do this?
  • jhall626jhall626 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Cut added/processed sugar. Eat tons of veggies at every meal. Go for a walk before breakfast. DONT weigh yourself obsessively, if I don't see results quick enough I get discouraged! Meal plan and prep.
  • iowalindaiowalinda Member Posts: 352 Member Member Posts: 352 Member
    Know your trigger foods and keep them out of your house.
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