March 2018 Running Challenge



  • skippygirlsmom
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    Good morning. I've missed you all. I'm not going to set any type of goal for this month I'm just going to run as I can. It's been I think 4 weeks since I broke my ribs, I'm not supposed to run until June, but for the most part they don't hurt anymore. They get sore depending on what I'm doing. I ran last night for the first time with my running group. I ran with the group training for a 5K since they were supposed to run for 25 minutes without stopping and the advanced group I'm in was doing half mile repeats at tempo pace (I'm not even sure I understood that at all) anyway, I ended up doing just over 2 miles. No pain. I did have a long talk with the speed bump I tripped over. Honestly I looked at it good, it's like 5" high. The church and the town are going back and forth over who is supposed to paint it since I tripped. I said tell them I'll come paint it. geesh.

    Anyway, no way I can read the entire month of April. I'll try to keep up to date from here.
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    @skippygirlsmom Gee, I just read about your ribs. Man! That's terrible. Yeah, sadly ribs heal on their own. Be sure to do some deep breathing...or just blow up balloons. Most people who get into trouble with broken ribs do so when they don't take deep breaths (because it hurts). I am glad to hear that you are doing better.
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    I am finally posting on the March thread. I finished the month of March with 31 miles toward my goal of 40. I gave up reading around page 70 or so. You guys are great....such inspiration. I know that if I kept up with the thread, I would have made my goal somehow.

    I did run an 8K on March 31st shortest race to date. I started too fast but wasn't worried since it was only 5 miles, but then probably a quarter mile from the finish I started coughing hard, felt like vomiting and had to slow to a walk.When I recovered my breath, I sprinted to the finish. Really frustrated....I was going to finish around 1:01 and ended finishing 1:02:36. 7 runners passed me before the finish. GRRRRR. Even though I am not that fast, I am still competitive.

    Now to the April thread.