Anyone get hungry when you are tired?



  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,372 Member
    Yes, it's one of the reasons that getting enough sleep is SO important, and why IMO people should sometimes find other solutions than sacrificing sleep for exercise (I can eat way more than the 300 calories I'd get from an hour of exercise when I'm tired).
  • netitheyeti
    netitheyeti Posts: 539 Member
    oh definitely... I'm always hungrier the day after not getting enough sleep
  • Fitnessgirl0913
    Fitnessgirl0913 Posts: 481 Member
    Absolutely I do! I also get nauseous when I am extremely hungry (like I had a 6 am breakfast, missed lunch, and it is now 4 pm feeling not just day to day hunger). Doctor says it's nothing to worry about, just odd.
  • Jonesuna64
    Jonesuna64 Posts: 233 Member
    I tend to be the opposite and get tired when I am hungry or don't have enough water during the day.
  • tinkerbellang83
    tinkerbellang83 Posts: 9,107 Member
    I am absolutely ravenous if I had a rubbish night's sleep.
  • leejoyce31
    leejoyce31 Posts: 794 Member
    I don't get hungry but my cravings are out of control. Hedonic..... So, I guard my sleep very diligently. I know that bad things happen (eating wise) the next day if I don't sleep at night.