Do you watch your sodium intake? Am I the only one with VERY horrid sodium levels in my diet?



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    For those of us who have high(er) sodium intakes:
    As @Aaron_K123 said its a balance of sodium/water...

    I am a person who easily retains water thanks to her sodium. Obviously, just being a human being who is unique from everyone else is the biggest variable...but how much water to sodium balance should there be?

    As in, are there ratios, or units of measure as a guideline to help balance this out?
    (i,e.: Mgs sodium =/= Oz of water?) Or is this a stupid question? =/

    Not a stupid question but not an easy one either...I wouldn't presume to give someone what amounts to medical advice over a forum on the basis of some math.

    Now...that said, I did try to use some logic with some assumptions and math to sort of figure that out in my post on sodium...concentration of sodium per liter of water. At the risk of oversimplifying your cells are filled with liquid at a particular ionic concentration. Cells are permeable to water but not ions so it is important that the liquid outside of your cells supplied by your circulatory system has an equivalent ionic concentration. If the ion concentration is higher in your blood water will leave your cells to come to equilibrium essentially drying them out...if the ion concentration is lower then water will flow into your cells and at the extreme cause them to lyse, or break.

    So logically your body regulates the ion concentration homeostatically to keep it the same largely through sodium retention or excretion. So ideally the amount of water you drink compared to the amount of ions you invest dom in mated by sodium should equal the ideal ionic concentration of your cells.

    Drink more water and you should take in more sodium, drink less water you should take in less sodium.
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    I'm always over my salt intake. I'm very healthy besides being overweight and I do Add salt to about half the food I eat and It doesn't really have any adverse effects. I do drink 9 Glasses of water a day also :) My brother is the same way :)