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Robert's Southern Fried OMAD Journey



  • jadepearljadepearl Member Posts: 1,907 Member Member Posts: 1,907 Member
    Good luck👍
  • EstrangedTigerEstrangedTiger Member Posts: 542 Member Member Posts: 542 Member
    Hi all, it’s been awhile!

    I’ve been holding my weight loss, was 189 this morning, which is my lowest in 25 years.

    OMAD works.

    SW 277
    CW 189
    GW lean

    Note: To further cut my weight, I’m adding a table salt substitute to my fluids and making sure to not over consume water. Too much just flushes out electrolytes and causes a plethora of problems. Also limiting caffeine and alcohol for the same reasons.

    I’m trying to consume the RDA of Sodium and Potassium to have an appropriate electrolyte balance. Boy, I sure do feel better and am no longer the thirst monster.

    Also, I’m not only limiting my eating window, but also fluid consumption. Basically, I go dry 12 hours a day and then avoid excessive fluids before the meal to promote proper digestion.

    Has trained my mind thats it’s OK to just exist without constant consumption. Drinking sometimes promotes hunger for this OMADer.

    edited October 2019
  • jadepearljadepearl Member Posts: 1,907 Member Member Posts: 1,907 Member
    Welcome back😊 Congrats on being at your lowest👍 Keep up the good work👍
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Member Posts: 1,959 Member Member Posts: 1,959 Member
    Hey you....welcome back!!! That is amazing results......the water information is very interesting......Do you have a certain amount you should consume? I am drinking usually 120 oz or more of water a day.....

  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Member Posts: 3,579 Member Member Posts: 3,579 Member
    Welcome back dear!!!! I ALWAYS use a salt sub when I'm fasting for exactly that reason!!! I use the No Salt brand but just because it's easy to find and cheap LOL - glad you're rockin' and rollin!!!
  • Abm4nAbm4n Member Posts: 515 Member Member Posts: 515 Member
    You're doing great and learning all the time.
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