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Time Capsule. Resurrect in 2019 please

denny_macdenny_mac Posts: 5,361Member Member Posts: 5,361Member Member
People like to resurrect old posts after a long time away. Let's post something here about where you are today in your journey. Whatever journey you're on, say something about it and then let's let the thread go comatose until next calendar year.

Then we'll dig this back up and look back at where we were "back in the day"

It'll be like finding the old photo album at Grandma's house. Sort of.


  • kam26001kam26001 Posts: 2,112Member Member Posts: 2,112Member Member
    Today I weighed in at 142.6 pounds.

    Hopefully I'll look like The Rock this time next year.

    -Charlie Gordon
  • NinkasiNinkasi Posts: 139Member Member Posts: 139Member Member
    Been doing this for one month and I'm at 203.0 pounds as of this morning. By this time next year I plan to be close to my goal of 140 and I'll have a new job.
  • Avocado_AngelAvocado_Angel Posts: 2,362Member Member Posts: 2,362Member Member
    Right now I'm hoping my brother manages to start doing something constructive with his life and finds a course or job. Hoping he gets himself to a better place.

    I weigh just over 11 stone and haven't yet began a exercise regime I can stick to but on the brighter side all seems to going well at work. I am also doing well managing to drink within a limit on days I do drink and have more drink free weeks so goal wise I'm working towards my goals.
  • Vikka_VVikka_V Posts: 6,576Member Member Posts: 6,576Member Member
    I love this idea!
    I hope to finish off going through all my belongings and minimizing what I own. I have it in my head that this will be "freeing", but I'm not certain that it will give me what I'm looking for.

    I hope to become more disciplined with my little life goals, and to pursue some of the random interests that come into my head instead of just thinking about them.
  • DaylightDuchessDaylightDuchess Posts: 251Member, Premium Member Posts: 251Member, Premium Member
    I hope, not to be single!
  • cee134cee134 Posts: 28,143Member Member Posts: 28,143Member Member
    I hope to have the proper amount of creme puffs while fighting my neighbor in a Wal-Mart parking lot about a fence I put up.
    edited April 2018
  • caco_ethescaco_ethes Posts: 9,747Member Member Posts: 9,747Member Member
    Future me,

    Stop watching cat videos ya dillhole
  • aaiieeaaiiee Posts: 24Member Member Posts: 24Member Member
    Current me: logging a day of over eating on carbs and chicken, watching cartoons, and haven't worked out in ~ a week.

    Dear Future Me,

    The bar is literally so low. Do something.
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