Protein Bars and Sales Tax (US)



  • bisonpitcher
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    In Oklahoma, all food is also taxed at the same rate. Varies from town to town, but most are between 9-10%. 9.85% where I live.
  • lemurcat12
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    Aaron_K123 wrote: »
    I'm pretty sure all food in my state is taxed at the same 9.5% rate as everything it a protein bar a gallon of milk or some gummy worms.

    Are you in WA? If so, it appears that food is exempt.

    (My father lives in WA.)
  • shadow2soul
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    I live in Missouri and pay 5.35% tax on groceries. Not sure about protein bars.
  • RoxieDawn
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    We have a flat rate sales tax that includes all groceries at 10%.
  • Silentpadna
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    bpetrosky wrote: »
    What state are you in that taxed the protein bar? I'm guessing one of two things are at play here:

    1. The state's definition of snack foods subject to the sales tax is broad enough to cover protein bars, or
    2. There's some ambiguity in the application of the law and whoever manages the store's POS system classified the protein bars as taxable to be on the safe side.

    This (the bolded) got me wondering.....

    If they are not supposed to classify them as taxable, what do they do with over-collection? It would be wrong if they kept it. But it would also be wrong for the government to keep it. Hmmm. A moral conundrum.