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***Diary of a Mad OMADder***



  • EstrangedTigerEstrangedTiger Posts: 542Member Member Posts: 542Member Member
    Eddy_65 wrote: »
    Same to you, my friend!

    O/T question: does your user name refer to Auburn University?

    Yes. War Eagle!

  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 1,584Member Member Posts: 1,584Member Member
    You are amazing! Happy maintaining now! :)
  • katjustkatkatjustkat Posts: 569Member Member Posts: 569Member Member
    Continued success to you :)
  • Eddy_65Eddy_65 Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    Hey, sorry for the late responses. Thanks for the positive comments.

    Latest weigh-in has me at 78 kg, or ~172 lbs. Still okay, but at a point where I need to keep a closer eye on it. Probably due to backsliding a little due to the holidays.

    On the other side of things, the size 32 jeans, the only ones I had that fit, are now getting too big. They're fine fresh out of the dryer, but slide down as the day progresses. (Girlfriend says it's because I have no butt.) I'm still a little nervous about buying new clothes, though. I'm thankful I didn't back when I was heavy.
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