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What is your "Petty" Reason to Lose Weight?



  • aliciawb130
    aliciawb130 Posts: 41 Member
  • Malimalai
    Malimalai Posts: 275 Member
    I want to be slimmer and more successful than my petty and spoiled cousin. Now I feel sorry for her. She fat and sickly and unhappy with her life. She's still my cousin and I care about her.
  • DoriJeanX
    DoriJeanX Posts: 7 Member
    edited November 18
    To fit into pretty stylish 😎 clothes and look good naked without them 😁. Oh and feel good wearing a swim suit.
  • My favourite bollywood actor is getting married in December. I'm not invited but still I'd like to slim down a bit by the D-Day😂😂💪🤞💃👫
  • TootlesToodles
    TootlesToodles Posts: 36 Member
    I have a swimsuit hanging on my closet door as a reminder ( It has been there Forever. Literally 2 years) . I would love to see myself wearing it and feeling actually confident. In two years, when I hit the big 40, I want to feel and look fabulous! AND wear that dang swimsuit! (also I want to be the snack not eat the snack ;) )
  • yweight2020
    yweight2020 Posts: 585 Member
    Look.good in.my.jeans
  • rebeccabyrnes11
    rebeccabyrnes11 Posts: 11 Member
    If I ever run into my ex I wanna look really hot that’s probably very low on my list of reasons but it’s still there !