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    Allie! Congrats on owning your own home! Wonderful and well-deserved.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Did the Low Impact Aerobics DVD today. The plan for tomorrow is to do Cindy Witmarsh’s Ultimate Butt Burn DVD

    Okie – sounds as if your plans are like ours! Vince uses the tractor most times while I use the walkbehind and weedwack. I usually look at it as “I’m getting in exercise and sweating so I’m drinking more."

    Exercised, then took some DVD’s that I’m trading with to the post office to mail, needed to buy stamps, then volunteered at the Green Room, now home, dinner ready to microwave, here and then in the pool for me. After the pool, had dinner, then went to Lowe's Hardware to get pressure treated lumber so we can put up my clock out by the pool. The lumber needs to dry out which is why we bought it now.

    Dana – that’s a pookey snail! My MIL made a frog. I have quite a bit to work on in the back bedroom.

    I try very hard never to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach and buy just what’s on my list. Most times it works for me. Especially the buying just what’s on my list. The thing I have a problem with is the free samples. I do like to try new things. My guess is that I have a problem with the samples because I will taste them knowing that Vince won’t eat them. Maybe I can get something for me?

    Allie – congrats!!!! Look how far you’ve come!

    Michele in NC
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    ohhhhh I dont want to go to work...I am overtired, but had a great time at the wedding last night..
    up and dressed, and having my tea...then off I go, will pick up Alfie after work..
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    Kelly-I know that Paul McCartney James Corden was awesome wasn't it.?today I am resting it's been one heck of a last week..rainy and yucky today...so will pick up Alfie and hopefully just chill today, tomorrow I have to pick strawberries and make jam with my girlfriend.
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    Hi all. Still have not heard back from the tech guy. Sooooo laid back!!! I can't pick it up today anyway as DH has the car for the cricket. It'll have to be Monday now. If at all. I've texted him.

    DH has diarrhoea, probably from the ham rolls, so he almost didn't go to cricket, but he's made a dash for it. He can always come home again.

    I've made myself a veg curry for dinner. He won't be eating any.

    Going to cycle for my bonus calories and catch up on my Scandi Noir. Lovely weather here, but not really for running. I have a fan in the exercise room.

    KJ - I'm sure it's far more worth to you to have a weekend to yourself than to exhaust yourself for a cut rate. What a cheek that "friend" had!! :#:open_mouth:

    Much love, Heather UK XXXXXX