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    Lisa - Yes, you should. As long as you have water, yes. We had hot showers the 2 weeks we were without power after Hurricane Ike.

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    Lisa: Keeping my fingers crossed that signing the paper work on your house will be quick, easy and low/no stress. :flowerforyou:

    NYKaren: Congratulations on cleaning and reorganizing your closet. That is a load of work and I hope it pleases you for a long time to come. :star:

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon
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    Rita sending you good wishes and thoughts for ‘fine sights’ in Winslow! :)
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    Well I prepped the strawberries and will be meeting my friend Carin at 4 to make jam..got the laundry done and have the dishwasher going...I did take a nap but up and attem again.
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    Lisa - do you have a contact breaker that could have been thrown off.? That often happens in France and has happened to us in a storm.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Keri, don’t be intimidated. I’ve been here a long time and I still get people confused. I just keep bopping along. It’s all good.

    Jo, welcome! I’m so sorry about the loss of your husband and his terrible disease. I may be wrong (see note to Keri about not always keeping up), but I think there is another member of this thread whose husband has the same thing. I know I only recently heard of that disease and I feel like it was on here.

    Welcome also to the newbie who posted right after Jo whose name I have already forgotten. Please come often. I will remember you next time.

    Think it was me and Rebecca talking about Lewy Body Dementia. My 91 year old Dad has it and Rebecca's dear Dad died from it.

    Jo;- so sorry to hear about your husband. X

    Karen UK

    Yep Karen UK, it was us hugs. <3
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    lol Lenora- I have been reading about the snake massages. I love snakes and could say that those would be right up my alley! Kind of like a rolling stone massage with muscles. I work with small children, was a scout leader, volunteer and docent for our local museum. Most people don't know about my affinity for snakes. Snakes are kind of like tattoos. People always think you are tough or a hard-a** if you like/have them. I love snakes (had a boa as a pet) and I got my first tattoo at 50. And I look like a nice sweet grandma. B) KJ (Kelly)

    KJ I love snakes too! All reptiles really. (But, there is a good chance with my long straight hair that I *might* qualify as hippy looking (tho I tend to solid color clothes, not prints)

    I draw the line at tattoos tho, I’ve never been able to think of ANYTHING I’d be willing to have drawn on my body that I would not regret in 10 years. And looking back at the few tattoo designs I’ve thought might be nice over the years, yup, I sure would regret them now.


    If I even think about a snake I feel panicky! I was thinking about getting "the tree of life" tattoo, but decided on getting my nipples pierced instead, back in 2009. Who'd a thunk my pain level would plummet to zero!!!! Nice life story to file along with the other crazy stuff I've done throughout my life! And no, my nipples did not acclimate well, and the rings were removed after 3 horrendous months! Thank God nature has a way of healing, and you can't even tell I was stupid. Of course, my pain level is still zero, and I ruined the possibility of ever getting a tattoo. Dang it!
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    Barbara, the southern Oregon Coastie, and all who have offered encouragement and RV advice:

    DH is coming alive in front of my eyes. He is moving more and more easily, is happier, and is looking for opportunities to have fun. This is amazing! It is worth every penny spent, and all of the hard work we've put in so far, and what is still left to do. Your advice and encouragement has been a huge help.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    "It is not selfish to be happy. It is your highest purpose. Your joy is the greatest contribution you can make to life on the planet. A heart at peace with its owner blesses everyone it touches." ~ Alan Cohen

    That's awesome Katla, I am so happy for both of you!!
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    KELLIE and ALLIE re Carpool Karaoke just watched Paul McCartney loved it I'm so proud of our city. When they were filming it one of our local tour guides was at Pier Head ( where the Beatles Statues are) with a group of American tourists, when who turns up but James and Paul, she says they were amazed. Pity that wasn't shown in video but I suppose a lot was edited out.

    Welcome JOANNE nice to have another UK gal. We are outnumbered by our US cousins but they are so supportive and inspiring and I love them all.

    LENORA thinking of you always

    REBECCA making us laugh as always

    Another gorgeous day here

    Kate UK <3

    Its what I live for, love!!!
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    Lenora, hugs friend! Know we're in your back pocket! Take it easy friend.
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    Dave doesn’t go to Sunday School, just church. I go to both. Today he let me drive myself to Sunday School! He took my scooter after I was in the car and placed it in the back. When I got to church, I texted the pastor that I was outside. He came out and got my scooter for me. Then Dave put it away for me on the way home and helped me once I arrived back home. It worked out well, and I had no trouble driving. He has decided that I can go through the drive thru for our supper tonight. I’m actually going to attempt cooking tomorrow night. I’ve been making my own breakfast and lunch, making the bed, folding up clothes and other minor chores. So, things are moving along with my recovery.

    My daughter got a job for next year. She has been a SAHM for the past two years, but since the youngest will be in kindergarten, it was time. She will be teaching kindergarten at a private school. It’s 4 days a week from 9 to 2, so a good job for easing back in. Since her children are in public school, she will have a Friday to run errands and clean house.

    Hope all are having a restful Sunday.
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    Drinking water temp: prefer room temp to ice cold, except in the hot, hot days of summer, then I want it a little colder, but only sometimes, like if I've been out doing something physical. Otherwise, I'm just fine with room temp. I have had sensitivity issues with my teeth and stuff that's too cold, most of that has been resolved with the use of a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.
    Rita, "stand on the corner in Winslow Arizona" LOVE it! lol
    Machka, how exciting to have been able to bring hubby home for a night! Even if it wasn't perfect, It's one more step in the healing process.
    Wendy, hope you are enjoying retirement!
    Sharon from southern Alberta, are you still out there? Thinking good thoughts for you....
    Not much to say today, (for a change!! lol), so welcome to the newbies, congrats to those celebrating and hugs for those who need them!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island where it's a beautiful day!
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    I like my water, tea, etc ice cold and I like my coffee steaming hot!

    Carol in GA
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    Rita: We are Eagles fans and I love that piece. Will you still be in Winslow, Arizona
    on the Fourth of July? I'll stand with you in spirit. If all goes well, we are going to be in a county park away from Fourth of July fireworks for our first RV adventure in the Bounder. :bigsmile:

    Dr. Katie: Congrats to your daughter for finding just the right job. :flowerfoyou:

    Today we drove to the county park where we are planning to spend the week of July 4. The site is pleasant, and should be an easy "starter cruise" in our RV. We plan to take one of the cars along so that we can go to the store if we've forgotten anything essential.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon