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    Rebecca: Don't worry about the whole Island at once. Pick a destination and visit there, then go home. On some other day, pick another destination. You'll be glad you did. Whidbey has some great spots and loads of nice people. :flowerforyou:

    Lisa: Happy Anniversary!!! :heart:

    Tasteoheaven: Many of us have been here for a long time. I've been here for 2082 days, and counting. The system here is good and this particular group of women is amazing. I hope you'll join us. :star:

    Lanette: Our dog has so much trouble with booms & bangs at the Fourth of July celebration that we've reserved a campsite where they aren't allowed at all. I'm hoping for a peaceful Independence Day and a happy first trip in our new to us RV. :smiley: We get the RV tomorrow for a test run and I think it will remain in our custody. We're supposed to get the propane filled and fill the gas tank as well. We also need drinking water. If the test result is great, we'll bring it home and start moving in. I'm hoping we can have some adventures and fun in this process. DH hasn't had much fun in the past few years. I've had outlets that give me things to do and new friends, from yoga classes to horseback riding. He's been getting by. That is one of the reasons I wanted the RV. I hope he'll be able to have a little adventure and fun. :heart:

    Margaret: I love your wonderful garden photos and look forward to seeing them. Thank you for sharing! :flowerforyou:

    (((Mary & also for your daughter)))

    Pip: So sorry about the work stress. I hope things improve asap. :heart:

    Busy day tomorrow. I hope we all have a good one.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    You have insight to look at situations in their simplest forms. 👍. I will do that!
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    Slowly going back down to where I was with the weight. My dealings with vertigo put me up 4 lbs this month. I know I shall see those numbers on the scale, and looking forward to clothes falling off this old body! Haahaa! I do have some "slimmer clothes" in the back of my closet. Hopping to wear those soon.👍.

    Yep, I don't give advice to my eldest son, unless he asks for it. Poor kid though, most of this week has just been work, sleep, eat something, repeat. He recd a scooter engine in the mail, and was tinkering with it yesterday. You'd think because he works with her engines all week, and working on a scooter engine would be the last thing he'd do, but no. I suppose its like a librarian, that on her off time, reads comic books like she's eating her favorite candy! Its good he has a hobby!

    The other night the realtor guy called us, because he had gotten a frantic text from the owner! I guess the owner recd a late notice from the electric company for this house. We told him that our son pays the electric bill, and he has it on automatic payment. We looked into it, told son, and I guess the electric company put his automatic request in, in the wrong account number. Essentially, paying for his old place again! He got it all situated, but that owner we fear, will be a thorn in our side. The fact that, with this being a rental, and him leaving so much stuff around, make a us unsettled. Like he is letting us live here until he deems otherwise. There are 4-5 cans of gasoline in a shed outside, under the eaves of the house. There are 4 rakes hanging, two plastic bins of tree limbs. Husband said, he put it all on the list of stuff left, so I can't touch it.

    Well Bill paying to do, and commissary shopping to get done. Of course son wanted to go, to pick out his stuff, but he won't be up for a bit yet! He is not a morning person!

    Hugs everyone!!
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    Janetr "Ugh old men!!" LOL!!!

    Heather I adore your naughty grandchildren.

    Michele The bleach and boiling water treatment works on ceramic & porcelain as well as stainless steel. Or you can use vinegar and boiling water which works well for removing coffee oils but doesn't bleach as well.

    Katla I'm excited for your RV adventure. It's fabulous that your husband is getting a new lease on life!


    Had to look up Bar Keeper's Friend. Sounds useful!


    Karen in Virginia
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    Mary- so hoping your DD is getting treatment. My DGS who is 15 jest had surgery for a small bowel obstruction. They usually treat it by no food or drink for four days (I’ve had it twice) but his pain was so server that morphine wouldn’t control it. They found a twisted colon when they did the surgery. Will pray for her.
    DANA- that is a great swimming hole. The kids look like they are having a great time.
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    So husband made some cheap chicken noodle soup for his lunch today. Told me I should have some. So I spied it, added a spoonful of mashed potato from the other night, some wild rice, some green beans, a tsp of chicken stock, some cayenne pepper, and turmeric. Then he comes from the kitchen and states that I didn't leave any of the basic soup out, and had doctored up the whole pot. "Well you can always have the broth of my soup", I reply. Hmm, we have such different tastes! For me the more complicated, the better!

    Well we are definitely reaping the benefits of retired military. Sure we have to pick a number at the base clinic pharmacy, but its free. We do have to buy out in town his magnesium, vitamin D, multi vitamin, and calcium carbonate. Thinking of checking out a vitamin store, and see if they have cheaper, maybe being a member we would have some perks.
    Carol, love the bedroom set, really beautiful!

    Pip, ooh evaluation time is no fun! The whole "do as I say, not as I do" mentality is frustrating! When the managers need to learn more skills then just delegating tasks! If only you could use your tried and true boot on them!

    Hugs every one!
    Whidbey island

    I am with your husband, the more simple the better. :)
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    So busy. 8 hour+ days, 6 days this week and little time for anything else.

    Thanks Barbara and Evelyn, I too think Kidd Kirby is a complete doll, but I know I start from a very biased place.

    Today, even Charlie Underfoot wishes I’d just slow down and play with him.

    The garage is still flooding when we run the clothes washer so Sunday will be spent at the laundrymat. We don’t have a spare five to ten grand to run a new sewer connection line to it, so we are out of luck. I am very glad we have 4 sets of sheets (especially since the cats share our bed) but will curse when we have to spend the hours there necessary to get everything washed.

    Scale is behaving. Exercise is minimal beyond the strength training. Might be able to get a bit of swim in on the 4th, I hope. (Of course I’ll be working on the 4th too, just not a full shift because they are closing earlier).

    So I’ll wish you all the best, not sure how much I’ll be around but I do usually have a slow down in the early evening at work where I can catch up reading about y’all - but my participation will be curtailed by the demands on my time.

    If I grab a good kitty pic I may try to share it with you, but prob won’t have much time for more until and unless I can adjust to this schedule.

    Love, best wishes, hugs and congrats to all,


    I have been doing laundry at the laundromat since October 2016. I curse going in the winter and hauling the clothes out to the car, but I've gotten so used to doing all loads at once and being done in a couple hours I don't know how I'll do when I finally get a set at home again.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Skipping 200 posts and then just jumping in only makes you feel like you've been somewhere not real pleasant. Miss all y'all!

    Heather - The 3rd one is always a 'bad' child (as in very adventurous). The first one 'makes the rules', the 2nd one is the 'reason for the rules', and the third one, 'just doesn't follow the rules'. I know this from experience; I am the 3rd girl in the family. My Mother used to tell her friends that she wanted 6 boys; but, stopped at 3 girls because they were twice as nice. BULL - That's not the reason she stopped, it was because her BP went sky high when she was pregnant with my middle sister. She was told NOT to get pregnant a 3rd time; it could kill her, the baby, or both … but; here I am! I had to be taken to my great-aunts' house because she could not lift anything that weighed more than 5lbs.

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    Rye, oh my, Charlie every bit as cute as Kirby! I don't envy you working all those long hours or going to the laundromat! But I know from past experience all about costly sewer connections!
    Heather, the house looks very nice, keeping my fingers crossed for you! Keeping both your cancer friend and "ligament" friend in my thoughts. Grand kids are so very cute!
    Janet OKC, that man is truly obnoxious! I agree with Dana, how could he possibly think you don't know what kind of surgery you had! Ugh!
    Dana, that swimming "hole" looks awesome! I bet the kids had a blast!
    Yikes! Too busy at work to finish all my thoughts!
    Welcome to the newbies, hugs for those needing them, and congrats to those celebrating!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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