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    Happy Saturday! Car show today, so playing hokie from work. I had all invoices totalled and called before I left yesterday.
    Oldest grand daughter is with us. She loves the car shows and time with us. We went grocery shopping last night. She was excited to tell me about her "adulting" moment the night before. She actually cooked dinner for the family. She is 15, but has lagged behind maturing. We have to remember that she is growing up. I had a weepy moment when I realized she is only 3 yrs younger than her mom and I were when we got married! Nevaeh and I then cut up berries and cherries to take with us today. Got grapes washed and bagged. Celery cut up too. What a great evening!

    Matchka- so happy for you! Continued prayers!

    Janet- I understand your feelings for neighbor! My DH's best friends are like that! Quite challenging!

    I know there was more I wanted to say, but have now forgotten. Computer updating.

    Hugs, prayers and high fives to all!

    Kylia in Ohio enjoying a day off even in the heat
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    Happy birthday, sweet Allie! I hope it's as amazing as you are... and after watching you bloom once you got out from under Tom's abuse, the flowers are well-deserved.

    Love ya!
    Lisa in Arkansas
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    Recovering from a sinus infection just in time to be able to smell what i call pinks right out our kitchen window.Simple pleasure.

    The sinus infection was odd. It was only on one side and was not giving me much pain. I could not breathe on that side. I did feel pressure when I bent over. My blood pressure also went up because I was not able to breathe properly. I know it was one because it broke yesterday and my blood pressure went down. I also am able to smell better.

    I have not had one in a long time, but I do remember what happened when it broke.

    :heart: Margaret
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    Good morning all! Happy Saturday! A quick cup of coffee, hopping out for groceries and have my cans of pain reshaken, home to begin on my kitchen cupboards, wainscotting and baseboards. Going to need to take a break this afternoon for a couple of grad parties, then back home to get the painting done.
    Rye- Just have to say you have the most creative names for your cats. Charlie Underfoot is fantastic!
    Machka- A BIG Woohoo for you and your DH! I am sure he will improve in many ways now that he can relax and be home. I am so glad that this new normal seems to be moving into the old normal realm. Like the others have said, remember to take care of yourself- mind, body, and soul! <3
    Heather-I ADORE those early morning walks/runs. It is always a little cooler and you see an entirely different "world".
    Rebecca- My heart is with you as you deal with "family" function/dysfunction. I don't really like the word dysfunction, because every family functions in their own way; and sometimes that "way" changes. I don't talk to my siblings as much now as say a few years back when our kids were younger. We have all aged, experience has changed all of us, some have lost patience with others...I don't expect us to be great friends (that's why we have friends). All of my siblings think about things a bit more differently than I do; I try to listen and not comment or offer advice; unless they specifically ask for it. I do know, that when the chips are down; they will be there for me in some way. Hugs to you! Family life can be tough.
    Dana- That swimming hole looks fantastic! Your grandkids look happy to be there. A month visit IS a long time! Were they supposed to be with you longer?! They will be glad to get home and see/be with mom, I am sure; but I am equally sure that their visit with you will stay in their mind as a fun visit with grandma! <3

    Well, I better get busy! Love to you all! ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    Happy Birthday, Allie!!! t3337.gif
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    Machka - Yeah!!!

    Allie - Happy Birthday!!

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Happy Birthday Allie :flowerforyou:
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    :)Allie Happy Birthday

    :)Kim, congrats on new business opportunities coming your way

    :)Lisa, your eleven acres sound like a lot of surprises. When we bought our five acre property we found appliances, a mattress, and irrigation paraphernalia likely for growing marijuana by the creek.

    :)Heather, I walk early every day and love it.

    :)Kate, I love your colorful clothes and colorful garden.

    :)Machka, I'm so happy to hear that your husband is home.

    :) The houses on both sides of us are for sale, One is bigger with a grassy yard and many lovely plants and a two car garage. The other is smaller with a single car garage and little care yard.

    :) I have a day with no appointments and nothing to rush to so I slept late and will be walking later into the morning. Rain is predicted but I'm hoping to do an hour of work in the yard before that happens. Later I'll get the new thread ready for July and post it at my bedtime.

    <3 Barbie
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    Machka, cautiously overjoyed for you and your husband. Home is so much healthier for him than hospital, but oh the challenges for the home caregiver. Continued healing strenght and peace vibes your way.
    Heather "reading about it wasn't cutting it." Brava!
    Allie Many many happy returns of the day. May this year be the best ever!

    Joe just invited me to ride bike with him! Taking a page from Heather's book and just doing it!


    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    60 g protein 26/28, meditate 22/28, walk one more step 26/28, knee exercises 22/28, walk Tumble 15/20 times, SWSY 0/10, hang up or purge art 0
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    Dana ~ Loved the swimming hole. Would have been in heaven as a child playing there. My cousin and I used to play in the in the rocky stream at a place called High Falls.

    Janet OK ~ You have done an amazing job at losing those pounds and you look great!

    Rebecca ~ Sorry about your sister’s attitude. My whole family had to cut ties with my mom’s nutty sister. She wrote all these very long letters accusing my mom and us of all kinds of terrible things.

    Michele ~ I have found that straight ammonia will take the coffee stains out of my mugs. Yes, I have two that I love and it is difficult to get more at a good price on eBay.

    Kim ~ I hope there will be lots of new business coming your way. But, aren’t you already one busy lady?

    Machka ~ Glad to hear that your DH will be coming home and hope your home life will feel more normal as time goes by.

    Alison ~ Happy, Happy Birthday!
    Kate UK ~ Love your little flower border and those clothes look happy blowing in the wind.

    Mary ~ Continued good thoughts and prayers for your daughter’s healing.

    Kylia ~ Enjoy your car show.

    I went to the ortho doctor yesterday. My appt. was at 2:15 and I didn't get seen until 3:30. They took x-rays and pronounced my knees bone on bone. Got a cortisone shot in each knee and hope to do so every 3 months until I have to have something done. I have had the 3 injections that you take every other week and they did not do much good. Have also done PT.

    Carol in GA

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    edited June 2018
    I just got off the phone with my eldest sis. I wanted to know that I had her ok with putting WE in many of the comments I said to my middle sister. She said no worries, we were on the same page on the frustrations we've felt. My husband said I was making more of an issue than need be. All I know is I was the one that got the phone call from eldest sis, venting to me about never being able to connect with our middle sis. It has been a year since they've spoken. I wanted to talk serious with my middle sister about that. But my middle sister texted me saying she'll talk to my eldest sis when she is ready. My middle sister said we have animosity towards her, and it overwhelms her. Animosity? I am fighting to keep us communicating, I don't have hatred towards her! Anyways, I told her that I was done, done with the heartache, done with waiting for her to be ready to be a sister. Its tough when you aren't even on someone's radar priority wise.
    So I have my eldest sister, that I call whenever.👍 And of course I have you all!💗

    What a struggle to be in with your sister. My best friend is the eldest of three girls, they do have an older brother but he seems to be an afterthought in the family dynamics. The eldest and I have been best friends since Grade 2 so I know her sisters very well too. For a few years the youngest sister moved out here to Alberta, when she would get homesick she would come visit me. It put me in a funny spot because the oldest sister would complain to me about the youngest and the youngest would complain to me about the oldest. They really only ever agreed on how the middle sister never got in touch with them enough and they felt like they were bothering her when they reached out to her. The middle sister seemed to live her own life without paying much attention to her siblings, but this year the middle sister retired (very early) and has gone home to spend a week with her sisters alone, she felt she finally had the time to do that now.

    I don't know your situation exactly, but I bet if you try to push the middle sister to talk to the oldest you will be the one suffering the most. The other two need to work it out themselves and maybe you just need to maintain your relationship with them as individuals for a bit. I wish you well, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Arrgh... insomnia... unusual of late, which has been lovely, but got a phone call earlier in the evening from my sis that she and my two favorite nieces will be over to visit on Sunday, and was going over what I need to have ready in case they can stay the night. If she can't get someone to stay with my nephew (who is Downs, and mildly autistic, and hates long car trips), they'll turn around and go back that evening. It's about a five-hour drive from her home near Lawton, Oklahoma, to here, and they plan to be here around 9 a.m. It will be the first visitors we've had here. Was tossing and turning over that, and just decided to get up.

    Did, in the end have a quite productive day, after being determined to be lazy (it's possible I'm not capable of it). Got a painting color blocked, the beginning step of fulfilling a special request from my daughter for a painting with a pair of rainboots with flowers in them. We'll see how it turns out. Also had a lovely, long conversation with my best friend in Montana as well this morning. We both use bluetooth headsets for our cellphones, so I was able to get a seam picked out of my quilt that I wasn't happy with while I was talking to her, and she was working on something as well.

    Then at about 11 a.m., once the sun was up and dried all the dew, I mowed the lawn, all the front and half the back, took nearly an hour. At 97 degrees outside, I was basically a puddle by then. The knees held up pretty well, though. And, once I cooled down and showered, finished getting 180 sponsorship request letters stuffed for our October Chuckwagon event with letter, materials, return envelope and card. Corey helped me seal and stamp them after dinner, so that's done and dusted. Will pop them in the mail on Sunday.

    On the subject of laundromats. After the fourth time the same creepy guy followed me around the laundromat for an hour or so, we bought a washer and dryer for the warehouse in Texas. Don't mind the laundromat, it's thinking time, and gets all the laundry done at once. But I draw the line at being scared while I'm there.

    Thanks to everyone who checks out the blog--it's fun for me, helps keep the planning organized, and will be great "before" pictures to match up with the "afters," I'm hoping. We got the survey for the land this week, and it's almost overwhelming to think about owning more than 11 acres. Can't wait to see what else we'll find--so far, we've found an old boat, and a trailer for it, a chicken house, a dog run, sheds, a motor scooter and a treadmill. Who knows what else is buried out there in the woods? Well, hopefully nothing and nobody "buried," but you know what I mean.

    OK, going to go find a soothing book to read, I've got quite a few of the Mitford series waiting for me.

    Mary - thinking of you and your daughter. Won't tell you my own experience with a twisted gut, you've enough to worry about, and mine was unusual, a complication from the gastric bypass. Just hope all turns out well.

    Love y'all!
    Lisa in Arkansas

    I have trouble being "lazy" too, I like to be busy and puttering all the time. Where can I find the blog to see your new house?

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    My husband is home! :)

    101 days after the accident he has finally returned home.

    He will have full-time 5-day-a-week home care + Community Rehab for a while (weeks? months?) but gradually the home care will be reduced as he is able to be more independent.

    The Community Rehab will likely be 5 days a week too, but just for short periods of time like perhaps an hour or two at most. They will pick him up and drop him off as well. The short time at Community Rehab is because of the fatigue I think I've mentioned earlier. CR will include physio, occupational therapy, and speech therapy (for his aphasia).

    • He will need to go for further testing soon because of headache/balance issues.

    • He'll have follow-up optical testing because of the double vision ... but he just got new glasses which have helped make things clearer at least.

    • He may need orthotics for his left foot because of some muscle/ligament issues there.

    • And he'll need treatment for just a little while longer for the DVT he developed in his left arm.

    They have said that his memory might improve a little bit more rapidly at home, for a while, because he can see more things which might trigger memories.

    He still has a way to go, but I'm hoping all of this will be positive for both of us! Perhaps a bit more of a "normal" routine. For me, for example, it means I can come home at the usual time I used to come home after work, rather than late in the evening. For my husband, things should be quieter and more comfortable. :)

    In case I didn't mention the fatigue factor before ...

    It's not: "if I got a solid 8 hours of sleep for a week, I'd feel less fatigued" (although sleep certainly helps!)

    It is more like: "I waited till the last weekend before Christmas to do all my Christmas shopping, and decided to hit the biggest, most packed, shopping centre in town for an all-day shopping marathon ... flocks of screaming children, rude annoying people, loud music, bright colours, walking up and down and up and down, trying to decide, stores that don't have what I want, and someone just ran into me with their shopping cart." ... that sort of fatigue. Pounding headache, meltdown fatigue.

    But for him, it doesn't take much to reach that point. So he keeps activities short and takes lots of breaks. Visitors are limited to short visits. Choices are limited. And we avoid things like crowded cafes, crowded buses, and other noisy places.

    Machka in Oz

    Wonderful news! This will help both of you so much I bet!