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What's a good 10k time?



  • MeanderingMammalMeanderingMammal Member Posts: 7,870 Member Member Posts: 7,870 Member
    I have a few 'official' runs coming up in October.

    Subject to how far apart they are, a good time is faster than your previous race.

    A lot depends on the type of terrain, what type of session you happen to be running, how big the field is. Trails are slower than roads, big races are likely to be slower than small races, if it's raining you'll find an effect, same if it's windy.

    Run your own run, and the main thing is finishing. After that it's finishing on your target.

    fwiw my first 10K race was 58 minutes on trails, my current PB is 47 minutes on the road.
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  • MeanderingMammalMeanderingMammal Member Posts: 7,870 Member Member Posts: 7,870 Member
    eldamiano wrote: »
    What's a bad 10k time then?


    Again bad is all relative. For me, anything more than 60 minutes is a weak performance, as even my slow paced easy runs should be less than that. If I'm going out for a tempo 10K then I'd expect to be landing at 50 minutes, so slower than that would be a poor performance.
  • alathINalathIN Member Posts: 142 Member Member Posts: 142 Member
    My best recorded 10K time came at the end of an Olympic distance triathlon; 58 min. Among a bunch of triathletes, that is toward the back of "mid pack." The front runners are typically 37-38 min for the run.
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  • glevinsoglevinso Member Posts: 1,895 Member Member Posts: 1,895 Member
    Good is all relative. <40 for an open 10k time (6:27/mi) or so I guess. My last olympic tri I manged a 42, and it was good enough for an age group 1st place. I still felt that was kinda slow though.
  • Samstan101Samstan101 Member Posts: 699 Member Member Posts: 699 Member
    My first 10k in February this year took me 1hr 14mins, my latest 10k at the start of Sept took me 56mins. I'm hoping that I can knock another minute or 2 off before the end of the year. (42 y-o 175lb 5'6" woman who started running last year at a little under 300lbs).
  • congrunscongruns Member Posts: 127 Member Member Posts: 127 Member
    it's now about the time, it's how great of a pose you have at the finish line for the picture
  • BrianSharpeBrianSharpe Member Posts: 9,097 Member Member Posts: 9,097 Member
    For your first race your goal should be to cross the finish line with a smile on your face.

    Comparing yourself to other runners is pointless as we have different experience levels, different inherent levels of athleticism, different ages and we run different courses.

    What I will tell you though is that if you train consistently you'll be running your current race time as a training pace in a couple of years.
  • SonicDeathMonkey80SonicDeathMonkey80 Member Posts: 4,489 Member Member Posts: 4,489 Member
    A good time would be 26:44.35 or better, as that would set the new American record. However, for us mere mortals, we run what we can run and try to progress the best to the best of our abilities.
  • MamaMollyTMamaMollyT Member Posts: 197 Member Member Posts: 197 Member
    I run 10k in about 45 minutes but I have been running a long time. I'd say my time is average for a woman my age (oldish) who runs regularly. When I was young I was faster. But you should really just be focusing on your time and improving that at your own speed. You can't compare yourself with everyone out there. People have different body types, weights, ages, experience etc... All of that goes into your times. Be consistent and don't neglect your running or your strength training and you will get faster.
  • fleetzzfleetzz Member Posts: 962 Member Member Posts: 962 Member
    Good time: around your best 10k time or better

    Bad 10k time: DNF or DNS
  • runforestrun35runforestrun35 Member, Premium Posts: 481 Member Member, Premium Posts: 481 Member
    Usually my 10k is around 57-58 min... Would like to make it 50 min as a new PR :-)
  • ShortMrsNShortMrsN Member Posts: 177 Member Member Posts: 177 Member
    Thomasm198 wrote: »
    I am currently running 10k in about 1hr 20 mins (at around 5am before work). I'm aware this is slow and want to work on my time before I have a few 'official' runs coming up in October. Can you guys let me know how fast you do it/what you think is a good time so it can give me an idea of a good target.
    A good time is whatever time you can finish it in.

    My first 10K last year, I did it in 1:22:00. I still haven't gotten under 1 hour.
    The fact you can run 10km is awesome!!!
    I ran my first 10km the other day and did 1 hour and 8 minutes. You will get a big range of times.......longer legs, longer strides, more time running!! How much you many different factors result in different times!

  • stackhscstackhsc Member Posts: 439 Member Member Posts: 439 Member
    As has been said a good time is one you finish,
    Next is one you beat your personal best.

    if you are wanting to compare to other runners, most races are timed and with google you can find previous years data normally. With that you can look at other people doing the same distance and the same age bracket etc. The only thing this is good for is a reference though as you have no idea how long they have been running, what shape they are in etc etc. I still look at them but i now run to beat me :)
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