JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS ~ Round 45



  • tlgale
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    Newbie here as well! I'm going on holiday in 15 days so this should help get off a couple more pounds before I leave :smile:

    Great job to everyone so far!!! You all seem to be killing it!!

    6/27: 257.6 - started intermediate fasting 23/1 yesterday for these 10 days. It's not something I would do all the time but wanted to change up my routine for a bit.
    6/28: 256.8 - yesterday was good! I stuck with the fasting schedule, stayed under calories and got in a walk.
    6/29: 256.8 - yesterday wasn't a great day. I couldn't stick with the fast, I had to eat after 20hrs...was just too hungry. I did get a walk in though and lots of water.
    6/30: 254.8 - woke up with a stomach bug :neutral:
    7/01: 253.6 - was only able to eat a few crackers last night. Feeling mostly better today though so hopefully I'll be able to eat. I don't see this number sticking around for tomorrow!
    7/02: 252.2 - wasn't able to eat much yesterday but was feeling well enough for some dinner, so surprised to see a drop :neutral: Expecting this to go up a little tomorrow.
    7/03: 253.4 - finally able to eat again :smile: need to make this stick now!
    7/04: 254.8 - bad food choices yesterday, not enough water and no exercise. Have to do better today!
    7/05: 254.6 - yesterday was a nice hot day here (we don't get many) :smile: stayed under calories and went for a decent walk. Need to drink more water though.