What Annoys You (About Yourself)?



  • Deadman_Diggingup
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    lililomo wrote: »
    I am uncomfortable in my own skin.

    hard to believe - you look super stylin' and confident

    Thank you but no. Quite the opposite.
  • Eiliryn
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    So much human family here - when reading everyone's issues, 3 out of 4 times I think, "Me too!" Hugs to all us lonely, sensitive, procrastinating, self-saboteurs with weird body parts and pains. It's pretty great to be here in good company.
    Also...Early fifties...I have SO MANY brown spots on my legs that weren't there before. Why? What are they for? What do they want with me?
  • slimgirljo15
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    I hate that I would die for my family, but am not willing to take care of myself so I can live for them.

    Deep.. very deep
  • DeniseMayree
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    I smoke, I drink, I'm fat and unattractive
  • dreamingless
    dreamingless Posts: 25 Member
    I overthink everything!
  • eddiespaghetti916
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    I change body weight and physique through the seasons . People tell me I’m a big guy like buff and muscular Nd I still see fat when I walk past a mirror .. it’s a disease ..
  • flhall02
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    I'm insecure and let my past affect my present
    I feel like I hurt and push away the people that care about me
    I cry too much
  • kdbulger
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    I'm super hairy for a woman. I dislike it immensely and it limits me.
  • Mean_Spice
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    PTSD and the baggage (hurts to myself and others) that goes with it
  • Deadman_Diggingup
    Deadman_Diggingup Posts: 3,082 Member
    lililomo wrote: »
    I am uncomfortable in my own skin.

    hard to believe - you look super stylin' and confident

    Thank you but no. Quite the opposite.

    I would take out a second mortgage just to borrow your beard for one day

    If we're talking money, you can have it lol.
  • caversmom
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    The way I can just jump into something head first and dedicate everything I have to it, but once I start seeing success (like in weight loss or healthy eating), I somehow sabotage myself into failure. Almost like I'm afraid to succeed. I am a habitual starter. Unfinished projects lie in my wake.
  • leah_not_leia
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    That I keep eating diary (especially ice cream) even when I know I'm lactose intolerant and will feel horrible afterwards :s:p
  • shelbycolada
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    edited August 2018
    I end up being miserable because I don't want to hurt other people, so I put their feelings and life before mine. (trying to break up with a guy is not a right fit for me but I don't want to hurt his feelings)
  • ShellyMacchi
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    I’m not afraid to ask questions or voice my opinions; therefore, I always end up being the one who says what the whole room wants to say but wouldn’t say. It gets me in more trouble that I want to be in.

    SO this :(
  • ShellyMacchi
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    I do not have the ability to summarize. I always have to provide the details.. I just don't feel completed if I don't tell you the type, color, size, and shape of the bird's wing, even if the bird is not part of the point of the story.

    I so feel your pain... I do the same thing... even though I am aware I am doing it I cannot seem to stop.
  • ShellyMacchi
    ShellyMacchi Posts: 975 Member
    I am a perfectionist. This is not a good thing.
    This ends up resulting in me leaving a project unfinished because it just isn’t turning out the way I want, OR I cannot start it at all until I’ve researched, read, learned, watched it being done, spoken to experts or sometimes even tried to figure out a batter way to do the thing I’ve not even tried to do at all yet!.. which usually means I never do start the project at all because I don’t yet feel like an expert in it.. even though I’ve never even tried yet.
    If I do go ahead and try the thing... and it turns out ‘ok’.. I have anxiety about the fact it is not a good as it could be. Any compliments about it end up with me pointing out all the flaws.
    I will never understand why people keep asking me how to do something, as I never feel competent enough to do it ‘perfectly’.