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BMI - agree or disagree?

crazyravrcrazyravr Posts: 4,857Member Member Posts: 4,857Member Member
Do you agree or disagree with the Body Mass Index scale? I absolutely do not.


  • FuzzipegFuzzipeg Posts: 1,660Member Member Posts: 1,660Member Member
    Do we have anything better? Has someone, anyone considered a different way to achieve an overview?
  • hesn92hesn92 Posts: 4,661Member Member Posts: 4,661Member Member
    It's fine. It's just a general guideline. Of course it's not going to be accurate for people that are more muscular than average. Like at one of our yearly health exams for our wellness program at work, my coworker turned out to be "overweight" but she was actually very thin and very healthy. She was just a lot more muscular than average.
  • DX2JX2DX2JX2 Posts: 1,733Member Member Posts: 1,733Member Member
    It's just a population average though it should be a reasonable estimate for about 67% of the people out there give or take, assuming that the standard deviation isn't too big a number.
  • allisonlane161allisonlane161 Posts: 268Member Member Posts: 268Member Member
    I agree that it's valid for the majority of people. I also think though it should be used for health insurance premiums with the caveat that if the applicant requests it, the insurer do a physical and determine muscle mass.
  • LounmounLounmoun Posts: 8,034Member Member Posts: 8,034Member Member
    I think it is a reasonable guide to a healthy weight range for most people. I don't think it should be taken as law that someone has to be exactly within that range to be healthy. I think people should look at their personal feelings and experiences in addition to the bmi scale in determining if they are the right weight for them.

    BMI is pretty accurate for me.
  • Spliner1969Spliner1969 Posts: 3,095Member Member Posts: 3,095Member Member
    I, personally, think it depends on muscle mass. For the average person with no weight training or just normal muscle mass yea it's probably about right. But for those of us who have built muscle, depending on how much muscle mass, it can start to be off by quite a bit. If you're really athletic then likely it's not right for you. I tend to stay barely in the overweight category even though my body fat isn't all that high right now. Admittedly it's not where I want it yet, but it's close. As I build muscle body fat % seems to be going down slowly but weight really isn't all that much. I still use BMI to gauge where I likely should be though.
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