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BMI - agree or disagree?



  • paperpuddingpaperpudding Posts: 4,624Member Member Posts: 4,624Member Member
    how can somebody be agaisnt BMI??? - it is a formula for deciding a number, derived from ycombining your height and weight
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    Just to reiterate: BMI has nothing to do with what you look like. That's a completely subjective view that has everything to do with personal aesthetics.

    BMI is a weight to height calculation that is used to determine, at a population level, the statistical risk of lifestyle-related morbidity at any given time. It's not an assessment of any individual's personal health status, and isnt intended to be used in a vacuum to assess any individual's health.

    So if someone had a 30+ pound tumor, which by BMI standards made them "overweight", they would suddenly be at risk for a host of weight related diseases because they're no longer within the healthy bmi range?

    *patiently awaiting answer*

    Are you serious? Did you actually read what I wrote?

    You can stop tapping your foot, @jseams1234 @L1zardQueen @paperpudding and @kimny72 have provided the answer you were waiting for.

    I did. People say that higher weight/BMI comes with higher risks like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, etc. I was basically asking what if that higher weight/BMI was completely unrelated to an increase of bodyfat. I've rapidly gone from normal BMI to overweight BMI before during severe digestive complications. Would that sudden increase on the scale increase my chances of metabolic syndromes and heart complications? Not sure, considering it was caused by an extreme intestinal blockage.
    Also, what about bodybuilders, very active/fit people, etc who are overweight by BMI but low or normal bodyfat? These are why I'm a big believer in DEXA scans.
    PS- I'm in a FB group called if it fits your macros, for women. There's tens of thousands of members, beautifully sculpted and look nothing like their weights. Some of them are current and former bikini competitors. They're also against BMI. If you don't believe me feel free to join the group. :)

    how can somebody be against BMI??? - it is a formula for deciding a number, derived from combining your height and weight
    Would be like saying I am against percentages - which are simply numbers derived by dividing the whole by 100

    of course people can be against how it is used (eg by insurance companies) but that is a different matter

    Everybody knows extreme body builders can have BMI without being overweight - as can 9 months pregnant women

    I highly doubt anyone's BMI changes that much according to digestive blockages though - constipation or bowel obstructions wont add that much to your overall weight.
    Unless you are swallowing lead bricks. :o
  • noel2fitnoel2fit Posts: 123Member Member Posts: 123Member Member
    I agree with BMI. Body builders are the exception (fine enormous tumors also an exception), although if you consider BMI in combination with BFP that takes care of the exceptions.
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  • bigbandjohnbigbandjohn Posts: 764Member Member Posts: 764Member Member
    I think I've finally come up with a good parallel for this discussion. BMI is like a recipe. For an average person in an average kitchen in an average environment with average ingredients, it is a good guideline. For someone in a humid environment, or in a higher elevation, or with ingredients that may be lesser quality, or tools that may not work as well as average, the recipe may not work. Lots of adjustments may be needed.

    I have a friend. If he is at the center of the BMI for someone his height he looks obese. For me, I look anorexic. There are physical ways to measure your true BMI that are accurate, but calculation is only a guideline, not gospel.
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