Bigger girls like myself?



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    I’m 294 and walking it off. The best thing for me was realizing I don’t have to starve myself or eat things I hate— I just have to eat smaller portions of what I love and add a few healthier options. As long as I am in deficit, regardless of what I eat, I will lose. ^-^ Seriously, joining this community has saved me from feeling guilty about indulging in ice cream with my grandpa and going out with friends. Now I just walk a little extra and call that day my less-deficit day, close the book and move on to the next. Everyone here has helped me realize that there’s no perfect, single way to lose. Find out what works best for you! Go at your own pace. It’s easy to rush and get anxious, but trust in your app to help you stay on track and you will see results :3

    Awesome, dude! I think that you have things right! Cardio (walking) is on the "calories out" side of, you can do some more cardio to "make room" for some of that yummy food or you can eat that yummy food and then go do some extra cardio. Cardio is a tool. Plain and simple.

    Eating too little and doing too much exercise - each is bad. But, together...even worse!

    I was 252lbs several years ago. I was eating everything within reach. Three burritos from Taco Bell was a good lunch, right? 15 Mountain Dews every day was a great idea, right? Two Big Mac meals from McDonalds was a valid meal, right?

    I started walking along the Greenway in Roanoke, VA. Then, I started jogging 1/10 of a mile. Then a little bit more and a little bit more. I started eating much better portions....then much better (whatever that means!). I also started lifting weights.

    One year later I was 192lbs and - if I might say - a beast! But, it all started with (A) walking and (B) portion control.

    Nice job....I can not wait to see the results in one month, three months, six months.

    And, you def got it right with "what works for me". Everyone is a little bit different. Play a little bit and see what works. If it does not, no worries. You learned something about yourself. If it does work, cool beans!