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Crush notes anonymous

covetthycarbscovetthycarbs Posts: 300Member Member Posts: 300Member Member
This is sooooo high school. Heck yeah. Because we are old or immature or bored and it’s fun. So just do it. This is where you write that note to your crush (mfp or in real life) you are too embarrassed to send. Kind of like a check yes or no note that you tucked in your book and it falls out and the wrong person picks it up and thinks it’s about them and then the whole school finds out and by lunch you are going steady with Jimmy Higgins who picks his nose. But by tomorrow it’s forgotton and life goes on. So for my inner child....... I like your butt. Also no need to get butt hurt over this. Just pretend they are all about you if you need a boost of self esteem. Or don’t. It’s just for fun. Make them up, keep ‘em real, or maybe somewhere in between.

Pretty sure this thread has been done before but it’s kinda slow around here. Chit chat or don’t. Up to you guys.


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