I keep binging



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    Might be worth tracking your cycle. I get a massive hunger at ovulation, it used to trigger a binge and then I realised what it was and now I just let myself eat more.

    Totally agree with idea of stepping off scale and trying another way of tracking progress if it’s so emotive for you. Selfies or measuring or tryinh on clothes might be more gentle
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    I'm going to ditto some of the other posters that you need to work on the whole why you binge.

    It sounds to me like its an emotional issue that seeing a professional might help. Or maybe its a control thing? It sounds like there are a lot of issues that are out of your control and its affecting what you have control over (the food that goes in). If you are not emotionally healthy, it will be hard to truly gain control.

    That's how it was in my case anyway. I wanted to lose weight for the longest but life kept knocking me down(lost 2 jobs, child with possible tumor, then the question of autism screening, relationship of 10y collapsed, etc). At some point amongst that I realized that until I worked on the emotional me, things would never be in order. Two years of healing later in other areas of my life and I'm finally ready and making progress on losing weight(and I am more in control of binge eating habits)

    Going into situations where you can eat a lot, I find that making my mind beforehand on how much I will eat helps (limiting myself to 1 or 1.5 plates worth of food).
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    If you're eating more around your ovulation/menstruation cycle, it might be an evolutionary hangover from when women would need to lay down extra fat stores as their body readied itself for pregnancy. That information doesn't stop you from bingeing, though. It seems like you're in a rush to lose weight. Why? As other posters have said, you can try using other ways to gauge weight loss. Is your underwear getting baggy? Can you fit into an old bra? Are your jeans a bit loose? Do you have to tighten your shoelaces to keep shoes from slipping off? Can you slip into shoes without undoing the laces first? Do you have more energy? Is your bracelet or watch a bit looser on your wrist? Is your waist a bit smaller? Does the collar of your blouse seem less snug? Are the sleeves more comfy around your upper arms? Little things that you may not notice because you're fixated on the scales, can indicate weight loss. And depending on where the scales are and what surface it's on, the readings might not be as accurate. I would suggest bingeing on healthier foods until you can establish more regular eating habits. It will take time for you to retrain yourself, and maybe you might benefit from some outside support like a nutritionist, to figure out why that certain number on the scales triggers you into bingeing, and why you feel a need to lose weight fast if there's no reason for you to.
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    Sounds like you could benefit from some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help manage your food struggles.
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    I've struggled with binging for years and other assorted types of disorder eating habits. Stop weighing yourself. Stop the obsession. Work on being happy now and start making daily mindful changes. Try not to restrict so much as think "what can I add" for example more foods that will satiate you longer. I find trying to avoid eating too many carby foods and adding more fat into my diet makes a huge difference. I also take medication to help with my anxiety with actually is the root issue for me..NOT the food.

    Best wishes on your journey. Weight loss cannot happen fast if you have issues binging etc.
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    Start small. Healthier habits first, not 1200 calories.

    First step would be adding a walk, or skipping desert and adding a salad instead.

    Make small sustainable changes each week, ditch the scale until you stop bingeing and then start to lower your calories from there.

    If you want to count calories, find out how many calories you currently eat per day and take off 200 to 500 calories. So if when bingeing you eat 5000 calories per day every day, start your diet at 4500 and take off 100 calories per day until you get to around 2000 then start to track weight.

    If you keep bingeing, you need to get professional help, no shame in that. But it is a problem that comes from dieting too quickly and you need to nip it in the bud.
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    I also find pre logging all my food for the day the day before really helpful
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    moogie_fit wrote: »
    I also find pre logging all my food for the day the day before really helpful

    AMEN to this! It is way too easy to already know what you are going to eat. That way - no decisions! I have a VERY addictive personality and I know what happens if I allow stupid to be an option - STUPID! I learned this a long time ago about myself....

    When I started using MFP and logging | tracking it was really frustrating. But, once I figured out how this works it was so easy to have "pre-planned meals". Well, I also tend to eat the same things over and over and over again (that is a good thing - for me....not for everyone, admittedly, but for me it is a Godsend!).

    There is also accountability in doing this.

    All I can do is strongly encourage you to consider this.