100+ Lbs to lose - looking to add friends for support!



  • hduke1977
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    I'm in the same boat and looking to connect with others for support <3 Was doing ok but had a setback with a knee injury and coming back from it has been slow and hard. Today was just a rough day and I realized I need a support network.
  • timibotkin
    timibotkin Posts: 235 Member
    My story sounds very similar to most everyone else’s! I’m 44 and currently weigh 301 pounds. My highest was 342. Having a support system on mfp is the only place I can actually get support so please feel free to add me. I’m currently active in a couple of the challenges that are offered in the communities and that helps greatly. I find the more I read about people completing their daily, weekly, monthly, etc.. goals, the more engaged and determined I am to continue on my journey!
  • sdanemrtn
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    Hello all! I am Jewish and on a quest to lose 235 pounds. Soooo, yeah, with that off my chest, I'm hoping to meet a rowdy bunch of people who are excited about the journey ahead to crush goals with!
  • Han_Han
    Han_Han Posts: 32 Member
    I'm down 119lbs since August 1st 2017 and have 60-80lbs left to lose. Starting weight 337lbs/153kg. I log daily and love to chat/comment. I'm 31 and in New Zealand. Anyone feel free to add me :)
  • ahmedabufoul
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    Don't worry, be committed and I'll support you!
  • katytrail1
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    Over 100 to lose, getting back in the swing of things using life style changes and lifting...add please
  • Bobtheangrytomato
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    Hi! I'm 30 and have about 100-120 to lose. Feel free to add me!
  • juliemaryse
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    I’ll turn 38 next month. I need to loose almost 100 pounds. I have 2 kids and I want to be as healthy as possible for my 40th :-) I can relate for sure!
  • BabeMeister83
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    I am going to be 35 in November, I have 2 kids an 11 year old and a 6 year old. I need to lose around 100 more pounds, I have lost 42 pounds so far. I'm trying to get healthy so I can be a better example for my kids. It has gotten a little easier sense my husband had now started watching what he eats and we have been trying to watch what our kids eat. The hardest one is our 6 year old he is autistic and is very picky about textures. I'm looking for lots of new friends to help me stay motivated and that I can also help motivate them!
  • NikkiLouBranham
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    I have about 70 pounds to lose. Never thought I would say that or heck even write that but it’s the truth. I’ve been creeping up and up over the years and yo-yo dieting. Looking for support and I’ll support you!!