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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 7.32min, 12.6amph, 139mhr, 1.5mi= 68c
    apple watch- 58c
    TREADMILL jog- 30.36min, 9.51min mi, 5.8-6.6sp increasing 1 notch every song, 139ahr, 173mhr, 5k= 313c
    apple watch- 338c
    arm/chinup machine- 10.19min, 3sets of 10ea @ 70#, 1set of 10 @ 55#, 1set of 10 ea of situps and pushups in between, 116ahr, 137mhr= 98c
    apple watch- 79c
    ride gym 2 dome- 5.31min, 15.8amph, 125mhr, 1.4mi= 56c
    apple watch- 41c
    ride puy 2 sumn station- 13.18min, 13.8amph, 122ahr, 148mhr, 150c
    apple watch- 121c
    jog sta 2 wk- 4.53min, 9.27min mi, 140ahr, 155mhr, .5mi= 60c
    apple watch- 54c
    jog wk 2 sumn sta- 4.03min, 8.59min mi, 122ahr, 154mhr, .4mi= 59c
    apple watch- didn't turn off, so reading is wrong
    bike ride dome 2 hm, WINDY!!- 19.02min, 125mhr, 153mhr, 2.5mi= 192c
    apple watch- 147c

    total cal 996, 4 measly calories shy !!!

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    Good quote Lanette. I was also interested in the actual number of years you would lose of life from following a low carb diet: Here's another quote: " The NHS Eatwell Guide provides details on how to achieve this kind of healthy, balanced diet and reduce the risk of serious illnesses in the long term.

    Researchers estimated that, from the age of 50, people in the moderate carb group were on average expected to live for another 33 years.

    This was:

    four years more than people who got 30% or less of their energy from carbs (extra-low-carb group)
    2.3 years more than the 30%-40% (low-carb) group
    1.1 years more than the 65% or more (high-carb) group
    The findings were similar to previous studies the authors compared their work with, which included more than 400,000 people from more than 20 countries."

    So if you do the maths (roughly), the longevity estimates are 83 years for mod carb, 79 years for extralowcarb, 81 years for low carb and 82 years for high carb. That's life expectancy based on carb consumption alone. Interesting, they haven't broken it down further into any other categories such as amount of exercise, smoking or non, alcohol or non or any other factors that impact on longevity.

    No doubt the fat and meat diet believers will soon slander this study and say it wasn't a good study for some reason or other. LOL I am fascinated by longevity studies and the stories that convince me the most are when they go live with the long lived people and study all the factors of their lives. <3 Wendy

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    Heather It's a wonder anyone ever sells a house! Such a complicated process. Everybody involved in the process has to be capable and reliable. And a bit lucky, as life intervenes.
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    Morning Ladies~
    came home last night and my canteliever umbrella is busted, I just bought it in April and it was well over 100.00 I thought it would last longer than 5 months, I had it down and the crank on it is busted.. wont bring the umbrella open or closed..
    . Off to take the dogs to the groomers and then see Tal off to her first day of school and then to feed my DFIL and then to go see the a financial planner at my credit union..
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    It's coming! I had to buy size 12 pants when I got back, as the 14s were falling off me during the trip. :smiley:

    So, in case I forget to write it down tomorrow at end of month, I've lost from 217.9 on January 24 to 180.4 this morning. That's 37.5 pounds lost, just under 2/10 of a pound a day for 233 days, just over a pound a week for 37 weeks, slightly over 5 pounds a month average across the whole seven months. Also down from a size 18 to a size 12 in jeans. :blush:

    Well done!!

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    Deulewiczmd ~ Welcome to a great support group. Please tell us a bit about yourself and how you would like to sign your post. And, keep coming back as we are here for you.

    Heather ~ What a complicated process you are going through. I would probably have given up a long time ago. :s

    Alison ~ Bummer! I know how you must feel when your expensive umbrella broke. I wonder if you could take it back?

    Lisa ~ Congrats on the huge loss!

    Carol in GA
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    Oooosie... bad choice of letters or should have added another k or 2. Just marking my spot, sorry bout that
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    Carol - got it on Amazon and it is a big umbrella would be very hard to send back ...they want a better explanation and pictures..