What food can you not live without....



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    Libby81 wrote: »
    I have to vote for eggs. The king of diversity. I eat eggs every single day without fail

    I have a weird relationship with eggs. I can eat them, but not much or often because I'm mildly egg white intolerant. I like the way they taste, but I don't like the way they smell. I really really like them, but there are parts of them that I really really hate (like tails on a poached egg or half done whites). I enjoy them in certain preparations, but I'm really repulsed by them in others although it's rare that a food repulses me (like when I tried adding them to oatmeal). When someone says "eggs" first thing that comes to mind is either the transcendent experience of digging into an amazing shakshouka or scooping the yolk with bread, or that day when I ate too many of them as a child one Easter and spent the rest of the day vomiting. A total rollercoaster.
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    Cold brew.
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    dsboohead wrote: »
    ...for not even 1 day??

    Usually some kind of ice cream. I might not have it everyday, but almost.
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    For things I consume daily? Coffee. I would be super sad to give up my coffee. If I had to because of the caffeine I would just swap to decaf. I8/ really love that morning cup.

    The other one is dairy. I consume dairy in one form or another several times a week. Especially milk, cheese, & ice cream. Dairy would be super hard for me to avoid or eliminate. Maybe not for 1 day, but it would be a challenge for 1 week I think.
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    None. While there are many foods I love. There is always something else that is equally awesome.