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  • donimfpdonimfp Member Posts: 639 Member Member Posts: 639 Member
    Good for you, @RubyRed427. I am right there with you in feeling “enough is enough”!

    You get much of the credit for my own journey since you started the Less Alcohol thread in January 2018. I clearly remember when you said it was your 49th birthday. Next year when you report on your 52nd it will be so great to hear about the sober celebration and my intention is to be completely able to relate to that!

    I was surprised by Kate’s real involvement too because I once invested in a “course” that really was just nicely packaged content with no interaction with anyone—certainly not the famous “instructor.” When we have issues or questions, Kate gets back to us quickly. Plus we interact with each other constantly. I find myself thinking things like, “My Australian friends are already waking up to day 14.”
  • lorrainequiche59lorrainequiche59 Member Posts: 811 Member Member Posts: 811 Member
    I watched a documentary called Driven to Drink on 60 Minutes Australia the other night reporting that the consumption of alcohol by women is increasing to dangerous levels & talked about the reasons for that. What I found most interesting was that the paid advertisements were selling alcohol.
  • donimfpdonimfp Member Posts: 639 Member Member Posts: 639 Member
    In that vein, I saw a TEDx talk that noted the alcohol industry targets girls with “skinny “ fruity drinks with vodka or rum, and when they hit college boys are bingeing on beer but girls are already on to the hard stuff. I realize it’s all alcohol but 5% vs 80 proof is significant. Scary.
  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 2,661 Member Member Posts: 2,661 Member
    Hi! Need some good books... here's a list. WE have read lots of these but for anyone new, here's a good list of sober books.
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