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  • stephanne13stephanne13 Member Posts: 208 Member Member Posts: 208 Member
    Beka3695 wrote: »
    Hahahaha.. I guess for all the images for my thumb to stutter on, this was a good one. It wouldn't let me erarse it for some reason. After all these years, I wish MFP could make their photo set up a little more friendly. Here are my stats from yesterday.. (and also, I'm considering the too right paint color, Vanillin) hahhayscxctckqvs6.jpg

    what app is this... I think I would like to use it, too :)


    Quit Drinking - Stay Sober app.
    I really do like all the data. Counters do help for me, because I hate to see them go back to day 1. It's incredible seeing the amount of money saved & amount of drinks I haven't had.
  • aroze0928aroze0928 Member Posts: 210 Member Member Posts: 210 Member
    Thats awesome @donimfp
    And 43 days is amazing! Getting and staying sober is worth whatever the cost. So happy for you!
  • nuffernuffer Member Posts: 395 Member Member Posts: 395 Member
    + 1 makes 479
    Congrats to all who are adding a sober day, whether it's the first or the eleventy fortieth.
    Building a fence in the heat and the dust makes me want a beer at the end of the day. Iced tea is just as good.
  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 2,693 Member Member Posts: 2,693 Member
    @donimfp Congrats!! I love hearing the insightful things you learned. I love hearing from different perspectives about the thing we have in common- sobriety. I look forward to hearing where you go next- what's next on your journey. It seems like 6 weeks went fast- probably not for you. But I am impressed Kate was a participant and not just collecting the money.

  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 2,693 Member Member Posts: 2,693 Member
    whitpauly wrote: »
    Congratulations on 43 days @donimfp that's fab👍🏼 I remember back in 2011 when I first tried to get sober I was SO excited when I hit 10 days 😳 I didn't start drinking until I was 32 and quickly became an everyday/all day drinker for 7 years straight, I'm sure I've told that story before but I am so glad I'm not that stupid beech anymore! Not to berate myself but I really should have reigned it in earlier, sounds like your course was just what you needed and that's fantastic, hot as heck here and my son totalled the car that had a/c(he's fine, car is not) so I'm driving in Vegas in 114 degree weather trying to deliver groceries haha, at least I'm not sweating alcohol out, God I remember those sweats😖 painful and itchy just gross! Waves to the gang and wishes for a happy AF day 💖

    It does seem 10 days makes such a different in everything- body, mind and spirit. The anxiety lessens and the body is so relieved not to process ethanol.

    You've been doing so well!! I love hearing from you.
  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 2,693 Member Member Posts: 2,693 Member
    Reading over all the posts, so inspiring ! 😊

    Well. I messed up. I knew that social occasions were gona be my Achilles heel. I drank (heavily) on Friday evening. And I had 1 beer today (which I plan to be the last) drank today as there was 1 beer left over and I have spent the past few days beating myself up for drinking again. So I'v not been feeling so good. But I'm done beating myself up time to get back on the wagon.

    No worries! I know it can be disappointing at first but we sure do learn and grow from those hard times.
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