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  • FeelinFooFooFeelinFooFoo Member Posts: 4,738 Member Member Posts: 4,738 Member
    Well done on 90 days @donimfp 😎👏👌

    Almost 100 !
  • donimfpdonimfp Member Posts: 782 Member Member Posts: 782 Member
    @Beka3695, I am totally with you on routine. I love my work routine and was so glad when we went back to school in early August. Being in a juvenile detention facility, our kids are gradually being released as usual but because of COVID no kids are coming in to replace them at this time. So we may be out of jobs for a while after December depending on what happens. It’s the thought of losing my comfortable routine that most concerns me. I’m not very good at winging it. Maybe that’s yet another skill to learn.

    Great job on 216 days!! (Aka CCXVI)
  • donimfpdonimfp Member Posts: 782 Member Member Posts: 782 Member
    Well done, Ruby! I love your list of positives. Our brains are SO weird. I’ve journaled every day since June 15. Last night, day 90 AF, I started musing that once I’d passed the year mark on July 6 maybe I’ll allow myself one martini per year. What is THAT nonsense about??? Anyway, I’m finding the positives just keep building.

    On the Curious Elixirs, like I said I’ve had good luck mixing them with tonic and/or Perrier and/ or grapefruit juice. That way I get 4-5 drinks rather than 2 per bottle. Plus I like them that way. I like that they allow you to customize your order if you prefer or don’t prefer a particular one of their 4 versions. I happen to like them all but find #2 quite weird. I hope you enjoy experimenting with them! Their shipping can be slow. That’s my only small complaint.
  • donimfpdonimfp Member Posts: 782 Member Member Posts: 782 Member
    @dbanks80, I am so sorry for your loss. <3
  • lorrainequiche59lorrainequiche59 Member Posts: 860 Member Member Posts: 860 Member
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