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  • FeelinFooFooFeelinFooFoo Member Posts: 4,420 Member Member Posts: 4,420 Member
    donimfp wrote: »
    @FeelinFooFoo congratulations! That is very impressive. I was never a real beer drinker but enjoyed one occasionally. I really enjoy AF beer, though, particularly Beck’s Blue and Heineken. They do make me feel festive and included. That scant amount of alcohol is the amount in a glass of orange juice or a piece of bread. It’s funny that they couldn’t sell it. You might find AF beer a nice addition to your arsenal. I haven’t found an AF wine that is even drinkable but that’s ok. I’m not missing it these days.

    I had to Google that, about orange juice & bread ! You learn something new everyday 😄 I told my partner and he said, "Fake News" he didn't believe me lol yeah, that's what I'm thinking, about the beer. My partner drank some on a night out when he was driving recently and he said it tasted just like normal beer....But without the hangover. He tried Peroni AF beer.
  • FeelinFooFooFeelinFooFoo Member Posts: 4,420 Member Member Posts: 4,420 Member
    annliz23 wrote: »
    So we had a lovely meal. Food was good and the service was great. We will definetly go back (whenever we can.....)

    I found that I was starting to get some thoughts of alcohol as I was getting ready. My routine of putting on make up and getting on some nice clothes, anticipating a nice evening out, has always included the anticipation of drinking (to get drunk, if I'm honest) so I had to breath through it and I'm so glad I have a membership on sexy sobriety cos I think without that, I may have crumbled tonight. I used the visualisation technique of picturing myself laughing, enjoying myself without alcohol. Then as a last resort, I reasoned with myself "whats the worst thing that can happen ?" It's not so bad cos establishments are currently banned from selling alcohol due to pandemic. But I was thinking about afterwards, and passing shops on way home....

    I asked the waiter if I could try one of their non alcoholic beers. I haven't tried one before. But we were laughing so hard cos the waiter said he couldn't sell me that cos it's got 0.05% alcohol in it !! I felt like I was in some alternate reality where not only have I stopped drinking alcohol, but I can't even buy a non alcoholic beer !! Haha 🤣

    Good thing, though. I have felt rock solid in my intention to stay alcohol free when it really got down to it. My partners sister arrived and stayed outside the house afterwards and handed my partner in 4 beers with his birthday card ! I was like OMG really lol and my brother was walking around the house sipping a vodka and coke so it was all going on. I felt really proud of myself for making a coffee and sticking to my intention not to drink. I know it's the best thing for me. Like others have said here, I know nothing good comes from me drinking. It just makes me want more or makes me tired if I just have a couple.

    What I think I will try when out in future and the sale of alcohol is back to normal I will definetly try out non alcoholic beers, I think it will make me still feel 'part of it' especially if everyone else is boozing. I don't think it will be triggering, cos I realise i actually do feel very solid in my desicion. On Mrs D is going without, she mentioned red bull as a good idea, to get that buzz and feel lively on nights out, parties etc so I will try out all these ideas in future. It feels good to know there is so many options while remaining alcohol free.

    I did have a few puffs of my partners ecigarette (naughty) but I have survived my first outing !! And I enjoyed myself so that's the main thing 😉😊

    Well done!

    Thank you !
  • JenT304JenT304 Member Posts: 636 Member Member Posts: 636 Member
    Welcome to the new people! We hope you feel inspired to share your personal journeys. This is a judgement-free zone.
    @FeelinFooFoo I love reading your stories. I'm proud of how well you are doing!
  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 2,735 Member Member Posts: 2,735 Member
    annliz23 wrote: »
    Seems only a small victory but 2 days AF after drinking for over 28 years with only a couple of breaks it's a start and a need to do this for my health.
    I am not usually good at sharing my hubby is great but likes it to be just us two which is ok as I dont really have friends as such previously colleagues who I got on well with but didnt socialise with so I have bottled this up for a long time . So here goes.
    It started with a half a glass of cider to relax when the kids were young the hubby brought cartons of wine so a couple of glasses then larger glasses my body got used to it so hardly ever sick but over the last few years heart palpitations then blackouts sometimes i dont even know how I got to bed a bit like a machine( I know it sounds bad) but my fathers drowning, my mothers dementia and my sons debt all added fo my stress and my not sleeping that I think drinking seemed to help but it didnt really just numbed things.
    So now I need to begin it will be hard hubby likes a drink and already last night put my glass out twice but I have started strong and feel determined. Wish me luck please.

    Absolutely we wish you luck! You have had 2 AF days already. That is hard to do but you did it!!

    It is very understandable how we need to drink to numb our feelings. Life is so hard and it is clear you have had difficult times and tragedy.

    I have had blackouts, as I gotten older, heart palpitations in the middle of the night, nauseas during the day and anxiety... You are not alone.

    Whether you are are not an alcoholic, I can't say.
    I know for me my issue was progressive, with each passing year, my disease got a little bit worse and then worse. Then, I could not stop at just one or two drinks like a normal person, I usually binged. If I didn't binge sometimes, it was a miracle probably.

    Your husband is probably afraid he will not have his drinking buddy around if you quit. Also, a possibility is that if you start watching how much you drink, he may have to face how much he drinks. It is embarrassing sometimes to admit we drink too much.

    Sometimes, I tell myself I am trying to literally save my life. I dont want to go on drinking and hurt someone inadvertently, or hurt my liver and kidneys.... sometimes these things scare me enough to stay sober for one more day.

    Thanks for sharing your story. We all understand and feel how hard it is to start to analyze your drinking patterns and want better for yourself. But it sounds like you have determination. Just take it one day at a time.
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