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    @RubyRed427, you are right. There are worse things in life than not drinking. One of them definitely is drinking!!!! It sucks. And it's really hard to get back to sobriety. I'm finding that out the very hard way but am determined.

    ...about Jeopardy. I've made it through all the auditions. Their last thing is: "You've made it into the contestant pool. You may be called in the next 18 months to come to L.A. for a taping. If you don't hear in 18 months, feel free to start the process over."

    I have been through a couple of game show auditions for lyrics/singing. I made it to the final round, but they wanted a dramatic story to tell; I didn't have one. I hope Jeopardy is different. Good luck!
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    @billyfallon1, that's ok! I was trying to remember when I ever auditioned for lyrics/singing. Believe me, that would NOT have been a pretty picture. :s