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    :love: Tomorrow is the last day of September so I'll be posting the October thread near the end of my day. It's time to reflect on what you've accomplished in September and what you'd like to accomplish in October.
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    Heather/Barbie I have a group of really lovely friends who I go out with on a regular basis, but as they are all (but one) still working thought it would be a good idea to join the Ladies Who group as my retired friend joined a few years ago and was always telling me about the places they'd visited etc. I have a trip to Edinburgh planned in early December to do a bit of Christmas shopping which I am looking forward to, but after the lunch fiasco don't think I'll be going on any more, also too much money and too many calories as Barbie said. I suppose the good thing is that I can pick and choose the events that interest me.

    DrKatiebug Sorry you are feeling so tired and lacking in energy, I'm sure it will have something to do with the broken ankle. I've heard it can take a few months to get back to "normal".

    All this talk of house repairs and remodels has got me motivated, I've made a list of repairs that need doing and other things like painting. Some things I'll be able to do myself, others I'll have to hire a handyman, but it gives me something to think about and aim for. :)

    Machka the 16 tips for happiness made me smile, some good ideas, but Barbie I really liked your list, so much so that I am printing it out to put on the wall near my computer :)

    Michele :) I did think the wire was behind me (must confess I've cut through the wire before :D:( ) think it was because there was a really hard to cut thorny bushy thing in the hedge and I changed direction to get a better go at it. :s

    Wow just read through about 4 pages, been a chatty few days, everyone seems busy with one thing or another.

    My goal for October is to keep checking in, keep posting and to do better logging food. I've lost a lb and put it on again the last few weeks. oh and don't forget the exercise! I keep forgetting the exercise. (I really should exercise before sitting at the computer)

    Have a good Sunday.
    Viv York UK <3<3
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    Sunday -- Today was a lovely spring day, although there was a bit of wind about.

    So, my husband and I got outside for our longest ride since his accident ... on our Bike Fridays, on the Cycleway.

    Distance: 21.29km
    Elevation: 189m
    Moving Time: 1:17:18
    Elapsed Time: 1:19:25
    Speed: Avg: 16.5km/h | Max: 28.1km/h

    And then I went for a short run.

    Distance: 2.26km
    Elevation: 14m
    Moving Time:15:22
    Elapsed Time:15:28
    Pace: 6:48/km

    Machka in Oz
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    Top of the morning, all... off my four-day trip this morning, have to be at the airport in an hour.

    - you're right, the weekends where we're working on the house are where I burn off all my weight. Sitting on planes and in cars, not so much.

    And on that note - my goal for September was to lose 3 pounds. I lost 2.4, which I'm very pleased with. Won't be able to weigh in the hotel room tomorrow, so I'm posting it today! :) Considering weight loss in August was a very unexpected 9 pounds, I'm REALLY happy with losing any weight at all. The rebound when I lose higher amounts of weight quickly is always vicious.

    Still not solidly set below 180 pounds, won't feel even slightly safe 'til I'm under 175. But, as of January 24, I weighed 217.9, and this morning it was 177.7, so have finally got past that 40-pounds lost mark. Five pounds a month is a respectable average. Hope to average that in October and December, as I'm still trying to make it 50 lost by December 1, as my knee replacement will be some time the first half of December. Fifty total pounds off would mean about 200 pounds less pressure off that recovering knee, so well worth the effort. Then, of course, I'll need to try to keep the weight off while I'm recovering.

    Off to the tender arms of the aviation industry, y'all,
    Lisa in Arkansas for a couple more hours
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    How September Went ...

    2018 Monthly September
    Walking Distance (km): 90.1
    Walking Time (min): 927.0
    Cycling Distance (km): 171.6
    Cycling Time (min): 501.5
    Stairs Climbed Number: 104.0
    Stairs Climbed Time (min): 83.2

    Total Distance (km): 261.7
    Total Distance (miles): 162.6
    Total Time (min): 1511.7
    Total Time (hr): 25:11:41

    Cycling was both inside (Zwift) and outside.

    Machka in Oz
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    Morning Ladies~
    I am up ,dressed and having my tea... going to take Alfie for a walk and then go feed DFIL.... then I really need to get my place in shape, I have been a slug and havent really been keeping up on the housework...
  • Only 2 more days of keeping up with 'sleep patterns' before seeing my 'sleep apnea' MD about sleepiness during the day. Twenty pages of it, too (color coded) - he is going to 'know' that I am extremely O.C.D.; but figured it will let him 'easily see when I have been sleepy during the day - which has been 'most days'.
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    Thank you for the welcome, Auntiebk! Looks like a really great group here!

    ~Lisa in middle TN
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    Made a great start to my day, including exercise at the gym :D

    Chores are getting done including yogurt started in the instant pot and laundry going full tilt.

    I am going to take a look at the beginning of this September thread to remind myself what I put down as goals :o and reflect before making some October goals. Looking forward to seeing you all on October thread!!!

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    Quiet day.

    Katla - your words soothed me. <3

    Done my writing, done my cycling bonus calories while watching an upcycling programme. :D Hairy Bikers for dinner tonight.
    I had a nap, which ended up being nearly an hour. Hope I sleep tonight.

    Lots of love, Heather UK xxxxxxx

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    Barbara take care of yourself and that rib! Let us know you are ok! And agreed your dogs. Are total loves!

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    Machka: A happiness list is a great idea!!! :star:

    Wizziwig: I love the idea of Christmas shopping in Edinburg. It sounds like fun. Having fun is so important for a happy life. :flowerforyou:

    Karen: If your DS isn’t likely to get some sort of mellowing drugs, Chamomile Tea is gentle and soothing. So are meditation and exercise. :wink: :

    Barbie: Thanks for all that you do for us. I’ll be looking for the October thread. :heart:

    The homeowners meeting is behind us and I’m working on notes of the meeting. It was generally a pleasant meeting. Yay!!! I’m looking forward to a horseback riding lesson this afternoon. I used to have them much more frequently, but my teacher has now got a demanding job and has less time available. She seems happy in her work, and that is so important.

    Halloween decorations are going up all over town. I will put up a ghost in the area beside the driveway where the beans grew. I hang him from bamboo poles and set an artificial pumpkin under him. It is lighted and on a timer. No young children live in our town house community, or in the RV park/marina down the road from us but I like to be festive anyway. I also have black and orange Halloween dishcloths that I knitted and a few indoor decorations.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Karen in VA, They are Skye Terriers, Scooter in the crate is a black/silver/brindle male. TMI:
    The MORNING AFTER we said good bye to Robby, my <3 little black dog, Joe took me to the shelter. Normally I'd say that's way too soon, but I was totally "off" without Robby. Walls, floors, everything felt off kilter, like a Hitchcock dream sequence or a Dali print. Walked through the kennels, saw some possibilities but no little black dogs. After talking in the hall, Joe persuaded me to got through just one more time. There, lying on a small 4 legged bed, totally calm and composed, with the biggest ears I'd ever seen, was Scooter. When we took him out to the grassy "get acquainted" area, he walked right between Joe's feet, sat down and looked up at him with such trust that we said "can we take him NOW?" Since he was eight, and we were 60, we got the "senior discount." His adoption papers listed his breed as "Skye". We learned about Greyfriars Bobby and Scooter was definitely cast from that mold, He watches Joe's back so thoroughly that he won't let Joe go to the bathroom unescorted, lest the potty monster get him. He won't sleep on our bed while we are, but takes up his position sleeping across the back doorway. Soon as we get up, then he retires to his bed at the foot of ours for a little nap. We've been so taken with his devotion, and demeanor, that Skye Terrier has become "our" breed. Tumble is a purebred. I'd been promising myself a puppy when I retired. Alas, we had to say goodbye to Dixie, our Wheaten rescue long long long story, almost 2 years before my retirement date. I must not have been much fun to live with, as Joe finally got through to me "you don't have to wait til you retire to get a puppy." I'd been Facebook chatting with a gal from the Columbine Skye Terrier Club, so when I asked her how long the waiting list was for a recommended breeder, she told me about a 4 month old female who'd been returned to her breeder as the adopter had just gotten pregnant herself, moved and her new neighbor said she had too many dogs. Privately I think tthe adopter was a handler who realized Tumble's temperament borders on the fearful. Breeder was in Colorado, we were in Idaho, we agreed to meet almost halfway in Wyoming. Tumble took to Scooter right away and they are best buds, altho he'll put her in her place when she gets too wild. Scooter, while a little creaky in the joints and selective of hearing is still tail high and eatin' good. He'll be 14 this month.
    Lisa in AR Well done!
    Lisa in middle TN this is a really great group, full of humor, wisdom, compassion, inspiration, and when all else fails... pip's boot!

    Oops, gotta scoot!
    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    60 g protein 25/29, vits 8/29, meditate 8/29, walk one more step 27/29, knee exercises 8/29, core 5/16, walk Tumble 9/16 times, SWSY 0/8, hang up or purge art 2!, AF 19/29.