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So, Who's in Maintenance?



  • BinaryPulsarBinaryPulsar Member Posts: 9,068 Member Member Posts: 9,068 Member
    I'm in maintenance. I only lost 5-10 pounds, so always been in maintenance really (always working on fitness).
  • purplepiggy1purplepiggy1 Member Posts: 66 Member Posts: 66
    Maintaining on about 1800-1900 (TDEE)

    Open Diary, Feel Free to add me as a friend
  • aphroditesmaidenaphroditesmaiden Member Posts: 45 Member Member Posts: 45 Member
    I've recently hit maintenance. I've been trying to find my balance. I was at 1800, was still losing. Then tried 1925. Still losing. Trying 2150 now. This *should* be a good number based on the Scooby TDEE calculator
    and the fact that I'm probably going to start an exercise regimen tomorrow. (I lost 80 lbs in 13-14 months exercising probably a total of 10 official times and eating at approximately 1500 soooo....)
  • hawaii86442hawaii86442 Member Posts: 167 Member Posts: 167
    I guess I am. I was on vacay for a month and gained weight. But I ate a lot of unique food and ate it quite often. I lost the weight within two weeks. I tried adding more food and tried seeing if I could add favorites. I have gained back 2 pounds. I am not happy. However, I realize I must exercise to stay in shape. Now to do it--guess I need advice and support.
  • TravelDog14TravelDog14 Member Posts: 317 Member Member Posts: 317 Member
    I've happily been in maintenance since late March, still adjusting the calories up as I've continued to lose.
    My goal is to maintain at 150 pounds with a fudge factor of 3 pounds on either side of that.

    My ultimate goal is to look back 5 years from now and still be at my goal weight. Between now and 2018 I'll be working on the questions of how often to log my calories, how often to weigh, and how to stay in the happy zone of my newfound weight without it all becoming obsessive.

    So far I'm really liking what the loss of 75 pounds has done for me in my everyday life.
    More energy, more confidence, and a more positive outlook on facing each day.
  • ZalliZalli Member Posts: 132 Member Member Posts: 132 Member
    I've been purposefully at this same weight for more than six months now.

    I consider myself in the maintenance phase now officially , but I will probably try to lose around five more pounds before this November because I will be travelling for five weeks, and you never know what sort of food one will encounter when away from home.

    Although, since I'll be in India and Nepal, I know it will be good.

    I've travelled in those countries before, and YUM! :)
  • capperboycapperboy Member Posts: 106 Member Member Posts: 106 Member
    18 months in maintenance for me, the hardest part is balancing the macros.
    I find it very easy to increase the carbs and drop the protein.
  • JamieG8991JamieG8991 Member Posts: 1,203 Member Member Posts: 1,203 Member
    I've been on maintenance since March, I'm loving it! I had to up my calories because I was still losing weight at first, but I think I found my happy medium and I get to eat all day!! :bigsmile:
  • mumtoonegirlmumtoonegirl Member Posts: 588 Member Member Posts: 588 Member
    Me me me. Well I think I have to go back to 0.5 loss for a month to get back in check after our vacation but maintenance mode is working for me now and training.
  • jenillawaferjenillawafer Member Posts: 426 Member Member Posts: 426 Member
    *Flails around* I am! I've been there for just over a year. ;-)
  • auntsammy88auntsammy88 Member Posts: 577 Member Member Posts: 577 Member
    I'm at Maintenance, but trying to get/stay more fit and active. Still struggle with making sure I exercise daily. I don't belong to a gym (other than a yoga studio) and don't intend to join one, so if anyone is in the same boat as I am and would like to form an exercise accountability/encouragement friendship feel free to add me. =)
  • ZekelaZekela Member Posts: 640 Member Member Posts: 640 Member
    I'm in maintenance... but sometimes it becomes tricky eating so much... and I'm not talking eating 1200 cals... for me, it requires eating over 3000 cals. Work gets in the way of eating, so I'd try just eating more on the weekend.
  • mg720mg720 Member Posts: 212 Member Member Posts: 212 Member
    i have been in maintenance for about a year now. i recently joined a gym to help more with the toning aspect. i am finding it doable although with my work schedule it sometimes can be hard to make it to the gym, in that case i try to work out at home. i think the most difficult thing for me has been staying motivated now that i met my goal as far as my weight. so i try to set other goals like how many days a week i will make sure to get to the gym, or long term goal of how i want my body to look one year from now, things like that to try and keep me in the "game"
  • jessreadyjessready Member Posts: 130 Member Member Posts: 130 Member
    I've been in maintenance since June not long enough to find my balance yet but loving it! I need work on keeping up with the exercise
  • themommiethemommie Member Posts: 4,974 Member Member Posts: 4,974 Member
    I just hit maintenance.I am struggling, for me the thought of eating more and gaining weight is terrifying, so it is going to be a bit of a struggle to find balance.if any of you have any tips please share
  • NovemberJuneNovemberJune Member Posts: 2,525 Member Member Posts: 2,525 Member
  • KymmuKymmu Member Posts: 1,818 Member Member Posts: 1,818 Member
    I go up and down by 4 pounds constantly. Is this maintenance?
    I'd like advice!
  • JeanneTopsJeanneTops Member Posts: 1,969 Member Member Posts: 1,969 Member
    I go up and down by 4 pounds constantly. Is this maintenance?
    I'd like advice!

    As long as the downs = ups, yes.
  • bcassill2013bcassill2013 Member Posts: 72 Member Member Posts: 72 Member
    I am, although, I'm trying to figure out exactly what that means. If I eat the higher number of calories it says I can and still maintain, I gain. So, that's not good.

    So, I'm trying to stay on the calorie deficit during the week, and relax and eat whatever on the weekends. So far, it's been a decent balance.

    Not sure what is going to work longer term?? :-/
  • therunninghippietherunninghippie Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    I've been trying to maintain since Christmas, but I've gotten a bit smaller since then.
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