Lose 5lbs + in September 2018



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    I sent Samantha a message. If she responds, I'm sure that she will start a new thread. I don't want to abandon her. She started this almost 2 years ago. I'm going to give her some time. There is no reason that we can't continue here on this thread. Just post for October. <3

    Same here. Been in Samantha's threads since January 2016. We are a team. I will wait for our Captain.
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    Sorry for your loss Samantha. Take the time you need, and we'll just chill here, until you're ready.
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    Hi everyone, so sorry I’ve been MIA
    I’m sad to say that one of my close friends passed away last week so I haven’t been on any type of social app

    If you can be patient with me a little longer I will have an October thread up for you within the day
    I’ll let you all know when it’s up and running

    Thanks everyone :) x

    I’m so sorry for your loss Sam. Take your time with the thread. We can hang out here while you get yourself sorted. Sending you all my love, thoughts, and prayers. Hugs GF ❤️
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    @SamanthaLouiseMence, {{{hugs}}} to you. I'm so very sorry to read that your dear friend passed. My condolences. 💝
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    Original Starting Weight: 136lbs
    October Starting Weight 123.0 lbs
    October goal: 119 lbs
    Ultimate goal: 119 lbs!

    Oct 1: 123.0 lbs
    Oct 10:
    Oct 17:
    Oct 24:
    Oct 31:

    So near yet so far!
  • emajarrett
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    My sympathies Samantha....look after yourself...
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    I’m very sorry for your loss, Samantha.
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    My condolences Samantha...