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The Healthier Me: My Journey from 600lbs



  • TheRedQueen1981TheRedQueen1981 Posts: 173Member, Premium Member Posts: 173Member, Premium Member
    Great to hear that you’re still doing well, Justin. It’s certainly not easy but you’re doing it and should be proud of yourself. :)
  • solieco1solieco1 Posts: 1,095Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,095Member, Premium Member
    Justin! Great to hear you are still at it! And amazing progress! Your story has a lot of people rooting for you!
  • manderson27manderson27 Posts: 2,983Member Member Posts: 2,983Member Member
    Aww Justin so glad you came back and updated us. You are doing an amazing job, life kicks us all and it is hard to not just throw our hands up and say "to hell with it" So kudos to you for keeping on track.
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