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    I say, have that donner kabob for your dinner but not the biggest one you can find. Maybe a 700 kcal one but not the ones over 1,000kcal. Enjoy it and savor every mouthful. Tell yourself, you can one another time, maybe next week.
    We are looking for a lifestyle, not a temporary diet fix. If they are really important to you incoperate one into your daily calorie total from time to time. You won’t feel deprived. Remember nothing is off limits, if you stay in your calorie range. I like chocolate pudding with reddi whip. I save some calories so at the end of the day so I can have my treat ( jello chocolate pudding cup: 110 kcals plus a generous amount of reddi whip. I am guessing I need to save 150-169 in kcals to enjoy that. My treat doesn’t make me feel deprived.

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