Lose weight = looking older??



  • mamadon
    mamadon Posts: 1,422 Member
    I'm 56, and yes I definitely look older, but it's also been five years since I lost the weight, so I guess that's part of it too. It's funny because ever since since I lost weight, I see my grandmothers face in the mirror now, when before I looked nothing like her. (She was always thin)
  • nowine4me
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    Gaining and losing weight, especially multiple times, does no ones skin good— at any age, but the longer your overweight, the more likely you are to have baggy skin on the face and otherwise.
  • shelbygeorge29
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    There's an expression that goes something like. "After 40 you choose *kitten* or face..."

    Thin, you lose that fullness/youth in the face.
    Fat, you keep that plumpness.

    Sophie's choice...lol!