can I keep losing weight eating more carbs?

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I know this has been asked but now I'm asking it because of temporary circumstances & need reassurance- I'm prepping & cooking less until things change back to normal (in about 3 weeks) I'm eating more quick things & less veggies, like making a sandwich out of my baked chicken breast instead of having them with veggies.Still under or same amount of calories but I normally eat a lot more veggies & a lot less bread than lately.


  • lorrpb
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    You're likely to gain some water weight due to increasing carbs from what you're used to. 1g of carb hold on to 3g of water. That water weight will dissipate when you go back to your original carb level.
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    I ate super high carb when I was in Costa Rico and dropped a size without even trying, because my CI < CO because I was eating less other things.
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    As long as your calories don't go way up, you'll be fine.

    It's possible you could gain a bit of water weight if you increase carbs a fair bit, but it's only water and will be gone when you switch back to normal.
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    thank you