Sorry babe. That's a deal-breaker



  • ChiefBaba
    ChiefBaba Posts: 25 Member
    No deal breakers...some relationships are only supposed to last 5 minutes...or a day...or a week...some go a month, some a year, some longer.

    I say do your thing! And if it ain't clickin, it's not a "deal breaker"...more like "that's was a pretty cool 5 minutes, right? Alright I'll get with you later" (not really...just a nice thing to say - ha ha ha)
  • bellababy9031
    bellababy9031 Posts: 261 Member
    If they can't hum the entire Marines Hymn with a mouthful of cheese.
  • If she puts a bomb in my soup I would say that’s basically the last straw and we are OVER
  • Shakashakara
    Shakashakara Posts: 224 Member
    If they can’t understand that spaghettification is impossible and black holes are not holes so much as big fuzzballs with a nonexistent center
  • slimgirljo15
    slimgirljo15 Posts: 267,398 Member
    Doesn't attempt to get along with my dogs.
  • Ketomoijo
    Ketomoijo Posts: 89 Member
    Saying no to moi!!! Whaaaa?? 😏
  • Unsafespace
    Unsafespace Posts: 35 Member
    If she looks like you'd need a contractor's licence to remove the makeup on her face
  • Unsafespace
    Unsafespace Posts: 35 Member
    If she wears those obviously fake eyelashes that are so long it looks like she could take flight if she flutters them
  • Singing_Banshee
    Singing_Banshee Posts: 26 Member
    Chatting up other women.. tut tut 🤷🏻‍♀️