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  • DiscusTank5
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    Today's meals included:
    Breakfast: a slice of cheesy vegetable strata (b'fast casserole) with salsa; black tea with milk; watermelon slice and a few grapes then . . . mid-morning, a Nature's Bakery pomegranate fig bar. Lunch was two cheese sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and mayo. Another tea mid-afternoon. Supper was a portabella mushroom "burger" topped with cheese and baked beans on the side. More watermelon.
  • LenGray
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    I haven't been too off with my intake but I'm wanting to tighten up my logging and consistency, so I'm meal-prepping today :)

    Breakfast: Coffee with soy milk and peanut butter banana toast with flax seed and faux-honey
    Lunch: Skipped (I was busy cooking and decided to have a big dinner instead)
    Dinner: Black bean casserole with southwestern quinoa and 2 chick'n tenders
    Dessert: Chocolate chia pudding with blueberries
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    Have had an unhappy tummy for about 2 months, so I have been eating bland soft foods. Feeling better now. The first thing I wanted was tacos. YUM! But then back to bland foods for a few days. Today I tried Wendy's. Fingers crossed. Now back to my regular eating at a 500 calorie deficit.
  • DiscusTank5
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    Breakfast: black tea with milk and a CLIF mini bar; 2 clementines
    Lunch: 2 wheat rolls with whipped butter and organic sour cherry spread; steamed carrots (the leftovers from my kids' lunches, basically)
    Snack: 1.5 Haagen Dazs ice cream bars
    Supper: honey-mustard salmon; purple hull peas in tomato sauce
  • LenGray
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    We finally went grocery shopping, so I get to eat lots of veggies today! ^_^

    Breakfast: Coffee with soy milk, TVP sausage patties, and a vegan frittata with cauliflower and spinach
    Snack 1: A bowl of cherries
    Lunch: Lentil tomato soup with cornbread
    Dinner: Taco salad with lettuce, tofu, tempeh, quinoa-lentil mix, sweet potato, onion, bell pepper, hummus, and salsa
    Snack 2: A slice of applesauce cake

    Exercise: The pool is open, so I'm going swimming!
  • gentlygently
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    I like the range of foods you all eat. This was me today:

    Breakfast - whole meal seeded toast, 1.5 slices - with homemade marmalade and fig jam.

    Lunch - tortilla (2 small) with humous, felafel, poached egg and spinach/watercress/tomato and fresh dill salad. Half an apple, grapes.

    Dinner - spaghetti bolognaise - with red pepper/carrot in it and peas on the side. (Small portion!).

    Snacks: Fig roll biscuit. Chocolate digestive. Small white wine. Spoon of lemon yoghurt.

    So more of a maintenance than a calorie deficit day - especially low exercise day - but I am happy as it was not a surplus calorie day, and I enjoyed all of it except (bizarrely) the choc digestive! Way too sweet….

  • LenGray
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    Hi and welcome @gentlygently! We have a pretty awesome variety of folks here ^_^ Also, what's a fig roll biscuit? It sounds yummy lol
  • gentlygently
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    Thanks. Fig roll = fig newton - does that help? (Ie fig paste in a roll of pastry… love them, and you can pretend it is one of your ‘way to five’ plus it is pretty high fibre - for a biscuit!)

    Today - whilst I’m here:

    Breakfast - boiled egg, marmite toast
    Lunch - 2 slices of bacon in a bun (healthiest option at the mobile food stand in the park - yum)
    Dinner - 2 smoked haddock and mozzarella fish cakes, a few pieces of roasted potato and red pepper, tons of green salad (2 types of lettuce plus watercress, cucumber, chives and spring onion - it was really tasty!) with French dressing

    Snacks: apple, sliver of fruit cake, one square of chocolate, 2 glasses of Saturday night wine. Rose wine today - for a lovely sunny day here in the Uk.

    Big old walk in the park - and overall a calorie deficit day.
  • LenGray
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    Oh, I gotcha! I love fig newtons-- those and almond pinwheels are my go-to cookies/biscuits! ^_^

    Yesterday was a bit chaotic since I was out and about celebrating at Pride, but here's what I had:

    Breakfast: Coffee with milk, vegan frittata and vegan sausage
    Lunch: Eggplant tofu with steamed rice and spring rolls (I ate waaay too much)
    Dinner: Ramen with veggie dumplings
    Snacks: Apple pie and an Italian ice
    Exercise: Walked for about 3 hours (and got sunburned)

    Today, I'm being a little more mindful of my calories and am having smaller portions. I'm also thinking I might be able to hit the school gym next week, since I have some convenient gaps in my schedule.

    Breakfast: Coffee with soy milk, vegan frittata and vegan sausage
    Snack 1: Grapes
    Lunch: Red lentil soup with cornbread
    Dinner: Taco salad with tofu, quinoa, lentils, sweet potato, salsa, and spicy hummus
    Snack 2: Cherries and hot chai tea
    Exercise: Went swimming and took the pups for a long walk :)
  • gentlygently
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    Sounds a fun weekend!


    breakfast was toast and PB and jam, water melon

    Lunch in the garden - quarter of pork pie, goats cheese and French stick, plus salad (we called in at the deli on the way home from walking our spaniel - up and out early to avoid the heat, but he got to swim in the river too)

    ‘Dinner’ - falafel and humous on crisp bread and oatcakes, more salad (too hot to cook!) Rhubarb and apple with yoghurt icecream.

    Snacks: apple, grapes, strawberries, madeleine and chocolate mini cake -‘afternoon tea’ out at a friend’s …

    A calorie deficit day.
  • donidaily
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    Joining in! I love reading about everyone's different meals. My day today:

    Breakfast: overnight oats with chia seeds, greek yogurt, and mixed berries
    Snacks: latte with oat milk, clementine
    Lunch: leftover roasted sweet potatoes with black beans and spicy pepitas, plus tinned sardines in tomato sauce
    Snacks: baby bell peppers with hummus, a banana
    Evening: a yasso frozen yogurt bar, I prefer to eat more earlier in the day and light in the evening
  • LenGray
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    Had a rough day hunger-wise, so today was more of a snacky maintenance day. Also, welcome @donidaily!

    Breakfast: Coffee with soy milk, vegan frittata, and sausage
    Lunch: A pack of Voodoo chips and a diet soda
    Dinner: Eggplant tofu with steamed rice and veggie spring rolls
    Snacks: Watermelon Italian ice, some pickles, and apple pie
    Exercise: Did some yoga
  • LenGray
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    I had two really nice NSV's today. One was that my pants, which had been a bit tight the last few weeks, fit perfectly again. The other is that I was super-hungry after class and found out I had to pick up my dad at the gas station instead of going straight home. I decided to get a snack and picked up trail mix and baked pea crisps instead of my usual protein cookie and/or flaming hot Voodoo chips. No shame on either of those foods (the chips are SO going to be a reward treat at some point) but I'm proud that I was able to make a mindful decision on what fit my training and goals better.

    Breakfast: An oat milk latte, trail mix, and some baked pea crisps
    Lunch: Spicy ramen with tofu, spinach, and mixed veggies
    Dinner: Tacos with lentil soup
    Snacks: Cherries and half an apple with peanut butter
    Exercise: Long walk with the pups and swimming
  • donidaily
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    Two fantastic victories @LenGray!

    Breakfast: overnight oats with chia seeds, greek yogurt, mixed berries, and walnuts
    Snacks: tea with oat milk, then later an americano
    Lunch: slice of margherita pizza, big salad of lettuce, snap peas, baby bell peppers, pepitas dressed with aleppo pepper, salt, and olive oil
    Snacks: banana and a few pieces of pineapple
    Evening: attended a co-worker’s farewell drinks, I had a session ipa and some fries from a shared plate
    Then: a trader joe’s hold the cone when I got home
  • gentlygently
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    Welcome Donidaily!

    And well done on those NSV’s - healthy snacks is a good indicator of a mind shift I think.

    Both Monday and Tuesday were calorie deficit days - mainly cos it is too hot to trot (or care about eating) here in London! I can’t remember what I ate Monday apart from pinging a ready prepared bean curry (and banana) before I went out for the


    Breakfast: overnight muesli with extra nuts, prunes and yoghurt. Made by my daughter, nice!

    Lunch: roll with humous and salad. Strawberries.

    Dinner: rainbow trout cooked in saffron butter with dill (thank you hubby!), new potatoes, mixed salad (with way too much spring onion hubby!). More strawberries.

    Snacks: fig roll, lemon yoghurt.

    I like reading other people’s meals too - it makes me realise when I am stuck in a rut.

    Starting off today with poached egg and marmite. I burnt the toast. Missed the toast when serving up my egg. Managed to miss my mouth when drinking my tea, and got tea on my burned toast.

    I will make coffee… the day will then get better!
  • LenGray
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    Aww, thanks y'all :) I appreciate it.

    Today was a good (if busy!) rest day. I drank a lot of water, ate some tasty food, and am going to settle in with a good book for the rest of the evening

    Breakfast: Seedy oatmeal with blueberries, peanut butter, and maple syrup
    Snack: Protein cookie and chai tea with soy milk
    Lunch: Leftover eggplant tofu with steamed rice
    Dinner: Corndogs and baked pea crisps
    Snack: Cherries
    Exercise: A bit of stretching and some gardening-- my cucumber plants are growing like crazy and needed repotting again!
  • donidaily
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    Breakfast: overnight oats with chia seeds, greek yogurt, cherries, and walnuts
    Snacks: tea with oat milk, an iced matcha, baby carrots with hummus
    Lunch: whole foods avocado ranch salad, half a piece of grilled salmon
    Snacks: half a lemon poppyseed oat bar, I found it a little sweet but good to try
    Evening: two corn thins with cheddar spread, a few pieces of pineapple, and a yasso frozen yogurt bar
  • LenGray
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    Hi everyone! Yesterday was incredibly busy and today is shaping up to be the same. I'm hoping this weekend is a little more relaxed, since I would love some extra swimming and gardening time. In the meantime, my apartment is a mess, my clothes are dirty, and I have stuff to do!

    Yesterday's meals:
    Breakfast: Coffee with soy milk and peanut butter toast with banana
    Lunch: Skipped :(
    Dinner: Spring rolls and 1/2 order of eggplant tofu (they had cut it too big, so some pieces weren't done all the way through...bleh)
    Snacks: Raspberry Italian ice
    Exercise: None

    Today's meals:
    Breakfast: Overslept and skipped it, though I did have coffee with soy milk
    Lunch: Ramen with dumplings
    Snack 1: Grapes
    Dinner: Vegan corndogs with baked pea crisps
    Snack 2: Two chai tea lattes with soy milk while hanging out with my writing group
    Exercise: 20 minutes of yoga

  • gentlygently
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    Yesterday - after my soggy toast for brekkers, I had something totally unmemorable for lunch. But I do remember I made a mixed bean and pea salad as part of it.
    Evening: venison burger with rice, mushroom and peas followed by raspberry icecream (Swedish Delight, dairy free and lower calorie) with some banana and almond flakes.

    Ah yes and then whisky and chocolate - my favourite treat. I was feeling rubbish (I manage a health condition…) and the comfort eating got a bit out of control! Oops.

    Calories - surplus day. Hey ho.

    Today - still feeling low key, so again no exercise.

    Breakfast - muesli with extra walnuts, prunes and yoghurt
    Lunch - half a cheese sandwich (Ie one slice of bread’s worth) and pear
    Evening - homemade pizza - tried a new spelt and wholemeal flour and yoghurt base, with roasted veg plus some cheddar topping (one) and mushroom with blue cheese (the other). Green salad. Mini magnum.

    Snack - scone and butter

    Might have another go at the pizza base (I usually buy a really good spelt one) to try my adjustments to make it even better.

    Calorie wise - a happy maintenance.

  • Corina1143
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    Lunch was a chicken drumstick
    First dinner was a huge salad
    Second dinner will be either fruit and cottage cheese or a fruit smoothie.