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It's official. MFP says "Eating carbs in moderation may help you live longer"



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    Moderation and exercise is sustainable for a lifetime IMO.

    I looked into the article and it was published in THE LANCET - which is a bi-weekly, widely respected, PEER REVIEWED journal. This means, to me, the article is credible.

    I have published about 10 times. Magazines are very easy to publish in. Technical notes, a bit more difficult, but still relatively easy. Peer reviewed journals - very difficult.


    Yes. Really.

    While I do not disagree with the results I saw on your Google search, each profession will have the preeminent, prestigious peer reviewed journal or technical publication. We all know what those are in our respective fields (mine happens to be in engineering). Then there are the less prestigious journals where the standards are much less stringent. When I get turned down by the most prestigious journal, I know I can always publish in the less prestigious or obscure journal who are always hungry for articles - but I would never do that because my rejection by the best means my article simply needs more work or should be dumped in the round file.

    I also agree that fake data is out there as well as bad theories or even worse, bad analyses. Beware of any data presented on a log-log graph.

    Don't have any issue with this. The issue that I have is with the methodology of EVERY nutrition study that gets published - we can't lock people up for years and rigorously control the types and amounts of food that they eat, yet researchers want to publish 'studies' that look at a few data points during extended periods of times (like the primary study in this case) and then extrapolate results based on the assumption that the few data points are actually applicable to the entire time period that has elapsed. There are also no controls on outside influences and factors which could have massive impacts on the results and conclusions. And I say all of this not to support keto, low-carb, high-carb or anything in between - I don't care which way you choose to eat.

    I agree with you 100% on this matter.
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    I’m 5’8 and ~120 pounds give or take 2-4 pounds. 80%+ of my intake is made up of carbohydrates; namely starch and then fruits and veggies. Last time I checked I always went over 300 g by the end of the day but I don’t track anymore. Fit and feeling the best I’ve ever felt with the best digestion that takes me longer to wash my hands than for me to actually sit on the toilet. Like clockwork!! I don’t fear carbs!!
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