What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • MikePfirrman
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    Had to re-row my timed row from early this month. Programmer error (me!). The last one I did was 888m X 3 with 1:30 rest. It was supposed to be 1:20 rest and rowers are very strict about their little contests, so I had to do it over again, ugh!

    It wasn't that hot but really humid today. And I was a bit tired from the lift. If I was all that concerned with just my rowing times, I would have done just the row, but I see all of this as training and rowing hard days and lifting hard days synergize for me. They've proven that if you do your hard full body cardio on days you lift, it accentuates the workout. Also, it helps keep the Polarization (keeping easy days easy and hard days hard) training on track. You don't want to lift on easy cardio days. Kind of defeats the purpose. And since I do cardio 6 days a week, I like to lift on my two hard interval days and have a full day of rest on Saturday.

    Anyway, ended up with around the same average as last time -- slightly higher. 2:00.7 pace, per 500m (I think I did 2:00.2 pace the last time with 10 seconds more rest). Doesn't matter all that much. I have something to turn in and it's done and I feel good about not quitting. It was tempting today.
  • Mikeruns2021donotaddme
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    40 minutes upper body and core workout. 60 run 🏃🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♂️
  • MikePfirrman
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    This afternoon, 25 mile bike ride, easy pace (average moving speed 10.9 mph, mostly Z2 and below - only 14' Z3).

    This evening, 11.5k rowing bow in the double (coached row), mostly Z2/Z3.

    This, after Sunday off (usual rest day) and yesterday off (weather cancelled rowing).

    Nicer weather today, at least: More like upper 70s F, 50% or so humidity, partly cloudy, mostly sunny.

    Tentatively planning another twofer tomorrow, row in the morning, bike in the evening, but both lower volume than today. We'll see what the legs say. 😆

    Even with two days off, that's a lot of work! Over 4 hours or so in one day!
  • janicemlove
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    Yesterday: Work out with my personal trainer, lots of leg stuff! leg extension, walking lunges (at the end, was difficult), sled, also chest press. I was planning on running afterwards, but my legs were noodles/very sore so I walked for half an hour on the TM and it helped!
  • bojaantje3822
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    We had 16 minutes of squat cleans and box dips. I scaled the box dips so my feet were in front of me on the floor and I used my quads to help my arms lift my body back up and because of my wrist situation I used the same contraption I used for the L sit holds the other day. For the squat cleans I used a 25kg bar and focused on technique.
    We were supposed to attempt 21-15-9-9-9 reps of each in these 16 minutes as it's a scaled down version of the crossfit games workout but the coach told us to just do our best and if we don't finish we don't finish. I didn't finish. I got to the second set of 9s but only 3 reps in. I'm still very happy because after the 15s I felt like crawling back to my bar and then to the dip thing after that but I didn't, I walked. I was so tired. And my wrists feel worse but they could've been even worse if I'd used a real box.
    It's weird to be the most experienced person doing the workout when you have less than a year of experience but it really showed in my cleans. I rarely do cleans but they looked good so I don't feel too bad about the example I set. (My upper arms are too short to do cleans comfortably and my wrist issues just exacerbate the problem so my 1rm c&j is only 7kg higher than my 1rm snatch. My body was made for deep backsquats, high taekwondo kicks, judo rolls and some ballet movements, not for front squats, push presses and cleans.)
  • MikePfirrman
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    Just did around an hour of steady state cardio today. Really trying to work on keeping HR a bit lower. Max only hit 145 briefly today (was shooting for 140, so a bit higher than I'd like), but overall, decent job of keeping it down.

    I did 6200m on the rower in 30 minutes and then 25 minutes on my LateralX (elliptical/stepper/lateral movement machine) at the hardest settings. Once I get on the elliptical, it's fairly easy for me to hold under 70% max HR. It's the rower I have a harder time with. I had to slow my pace down at the end of the rowing session with like 3 or 4 minutes to go to stay within the range I'd like to stay.
  • fozzie500
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    Cardio day, 15 minutes on Stairmill/Stairmaster intervals , 15 minutes on Eliptical trainer, intervals , 10 further minutes on the Stairmill, intervals 10 minutes on indoor bike, intervals.
  • Djproulx
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    Back to the lake today for an open water swim. Kept it relaxed again, just enjoying the warm water and calm conditions. Went for about 1700 yds. I'm just trying to build some swim fitness before next weekend's race. A bunch of friends are doing either the Sprint or Olympic distance race. Since I'm unable to run yet, I'll either do just the aqua-bike race, or have a friend run for me and enter as a relay team.
    Back on my bike tomorrow.
  • CoffeeNstilettos
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    Yoga and kayaking
  • RegroupResetGoAgain
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    30 mins weights, 45 mins x trainer and 90 mins football, absolutely fooked is an understatement :)
  • Mikeruns2021donotaddme
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    40 minute core workout and 60 minute run 🏋🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️
  • bojaantje3822
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    Today's workout was
    2 minutes to complete 1K assault bike, and max jerks in the remaining time
    2 minutes rest
    3 minutes to complete 1,5K assault bike and max jerks in the remaining time
    3 minutes rest
    4 minutes to complete 2K assault bike and max jerks in the remaining time.
    The distances for the rower were 400m, 600m, 800m. For the ski machine it was 300m, 450m, 600m.
    I was consistent enough for my liking in that I had 30 seconds left every time for jerks and I managed 4 jerks at 35kg each time.
    The thing that got me excited is that while I was out of breath on the bike itself and during the jerks, I recovered very quickly. My breathing returned to normal within 30 seconds and my heartrate felt normal not long after that each time. After 5 minutes it felt like I hadn't worked out at all, except I flushed out my sore muscles so I felt less sore afterwards.

    And then I did a pilates class and I had to work with my bodyweight and it was harder than the wod and I was sweating more.

    I am really happy because these were workouts 6 and 7 of this week and I feel okay. I'm not overworked, which was a real concern. I have been sleeping slightly more (and better?) but otherwise haven't felt a huge change. I have two more workouts to go tomorrow and then I'm resting all weekend. I don't intend to make it a habit to workout 9 times a week, I'll stick with 6-7 for the rest of summer probably and re-evaluate after my vacation. But it feels good to know that I can and without repercussions. I even did the accessory work yesterday, though not today.
  • nossmf
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    Thursday = Cardio Day, so an hour on the elliptical doing hill intervals.