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Connecting Fitbit to Myfitnesspal - Help! 😊

Kimbo1227Kimbo1227 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
I’m so happy to be getting started (again) on my weight loss journey. I only wish my Fitbit would connect to myfitnesspal so I can track my daily steps. When I try, error message tells me myfitnesspal is already connected to Fitbit! I have tried everything. I’m about to give up. I wonder if I can just log steps manually? If anyone has a suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and I look forward to connecting with everyone to offer encouragement and support. Have a great weekend!
Kim Smith


  • Runaroundafieldx2Runaroundafieldx2 Posts: 196Member Member Posts: 196Member Member
    Same happend to me.

    I had to raise a case with MFP and had to give them my public url for fitbit and they sorted it out.

    Click help at the top of the screen to be able to log it with them.
  • Kimbo1227Kimbo1227 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Thanks! I’ll give that a try. It shouldn’t be so hard! Lol
  • ThedijThedij Posts: 29Member Member Posts: 29Member Member
    It took me a while to figure it out. Go to Apps. Click on the Fitbit logo. Click Get. Login to Fitbit (I forgot my password & had to recover it then try again). Once you're logged into Fitbit then you'll be presented with a window that prompts you for which Fitbit items you want to bring over to MFP. Make your selection then click Allow. You should be good to go. I had a Fitbit before, but got a new one, so I disconnected my original one then followed this procedure. I'm now picking up the readings from my new Fitbit.
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