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    @AnnaLouiseCampbell - your check marks are so great!!! Hope you do my mind if I follow suit and use your idea...
    I LOVE the visuals - you’ve got the three top habits in pictures: water, food and exercise 💕💕💕
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    Round 59
    OW 230

    Round 46 SW 178 EW 172.6 (-5.4) 👍
    Round 47 SW 172.6 EW 170.8 (-1.8)👎
    Round 48 SW 170.8 EW 168 (-2.8)👍
    Round 49 SW 168 EW 166.8 (-1.2) 👎
    Round 50 SW 166.8 EW 163.6 (-3.2) 👍
    Round 51 SW 163.6 EW 161.4 (-2.2)👎
    Round 52 SW 161.4 EW 157.8 (-3.6)👍
    Round 53 SW 157.8 EW 156.2 (-1.6)👎
    Round 54 SW 156.2 EW 155.8 (-.04) :s:/ 👎
    Round 55 SW 155.8 EW 151.2 (-4.6) 😄😁👍
    Round 56 SW 151.2 EW 149.8 (-1.4) 👍
    Round 57 SW 149.8 EW 148.2 (-1.6) 👎
    Round 58 SW 148.2 EW 147.2 (-1) 👎

    Round 14
    SW 147.2
    GW matienence (stay between 146-148)
    UGW 125


    11/14 146.6 I'M BAAAAACCCK! I was worried about weighing myself this morning because LNS took over and I ate a couple of chocolate bars before bed, on top of that I had a rest day when it came to exercising (even though Sunday was my last rest day and I usually don't have one so close to the other) but I am so happy I am back to down to the weight I was at before the weekend destroyed me. I will be getting back at it today! Yesterday I was emailed my schedule for winter, beach volleyball and it starts on Tuesday...I am so excited but so nervous, haven't played since elementary school lol so needless to say it will be a lot different and I don't want to let anyone down in case I am not the best player. We will have to see.

    11/15 145.6 worked out, drank a little over 1 liter of water and ate under Calories. So far so good, just planning to keep this going throughout the whole round this time Lol

    11/16 146.4 I was feeling bloated yesterday but didn't think much of it because I recorded a loss but when I woke up this morning, still feeling bloated I decided to look at my cycle calender and realized my TOM is due today. No wonder I have been craving chocolate like a mad women (although having a piece here and there I am impressed with my own will power not to go over the edge) I also developed a new craving I have never had before; peanuts, cashews, almonds etc. Thank goodness I have some unsalted, raw ones to munch on. Although they are still high in calories and fat at least im not over killing my sodium but at the same time it did result in over eating my calories by about 100 but that's ok. I also worked out and drank over 1 liter of water. This fluctuation shouldn't last long

    11/17 146. 5 hours of beach volleyball for practice...maaannn I am sore

    11/18 no scale -mindlessly ate break fast before weighing so opted out on the weigh in. Ever since last wekend I haven't seemed to get my food under control, I am still exercising but I need to really watch my calories, especially my fat which has been crazy high lately. TOM arrived and now that that is out of the way (precraving wise) i am looking to get everything back on track. NO EXCUSES JUST RESULTS!!

    11/19 148.4 that's what happens when you mindlessly eat all weekend. Stress from my aunt being rushed to the hospital and it isn't looking too good.

    11/20 no weigh in. I am a little behind on posts and other MFP updates, my aunt died this morning at 3 am. Has been a difficult weekend. I will try and watch what I eat and exercise but I am currently not caring about my weight at the moment. I will still be logging on and I will try to keep up with everything. Tonight I decided not to cancel my first volleyball match. Thought maybe getting away for a few hours would be good so I wouldn't be thinking about anything, not to mentioning couldn't hurt to hit a few balls along the way lol

    11/21 147.4 volleyball was good yesterday, was able to get all my frustrations out. Today has been long, I got some shopping done but I haven't been eating well and if I wasn't eating I was sleeping. Now I am up with so much energy I might end up working out to at least combat my emotional eating. I think I am shooting for a matienence this round and when I get sick of being stuck I might just end up restart my strict plan again. My aunt's son is sixteen and every time I think of him it breaks my heart, not to mention her extremely lost husband. My family is in rough shape, especially my mom (her sister). Last night I went on Facebook for the first time all day and one of those memory reminders poped up on my screen from 8 years ago and it was a picture of my aunt blowing a kiss at the camera...i know it's not fate just because the day I posted the picture happened to be the same day she past but i still took it as a message from her, like a final good bye. It really put me at piece, even though the hardest day (saturday) hasn't happened yet. I don't mean to bum whoever reads this but if there is anything I wanted this post to represent it's thanks and love to your loved ones. After the crazy shopping, dinners and deserts are done being cooked and served please give an extra hug to each one of your family members,

    11/22 147

    11/23 146.2

    I made my goal (which was just to maintain, regardless of the stuff going on in my life right now) next round I am getting into it and will probably push harder then I have ever before, not because I want to see the weight drop (I just don't care) but the over indulgence has made feel sick and gross...I need structure and routine. See you all next round
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    @bkajo only just saw your post, absolutely go for it! 😁👌🏻