What’s my body type/shape? I’m having some trouble



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    I'm not one that fits into an exact category either. I have broad shoulders, no boobs, straight waist, no hips, and a curvy butt. And, I'm tall. I gave up "dressing for my shape" and instead stuck more to traditional/basics. My wardrobe consists of

    skinny jeans in multiple washes and colors
    skimmers (think Gap ankle cut dress pants)
    dresses (just in case)
    straight cut skirts (knee length and mid thigh length)
    blazers (in every neutral with no shoulder pads)
    fitted button up cardigans (I have about 15, all in different colors and patterns)
    v neck t shirts
    solid and patterned tank tops

    I'd usually wear skimmers, a tank top, a cardigan and a blazer over. Mix it up with different necklaces and shoes.
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    You look ruler/rectangularish to me. A line skirts are a great way to make it look like you have more curvature between the waist and hips.
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    {{{{{{{{{{{{ <3 HUGS <3 }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} I totally and completely understand what and why you're asking. This link will help you figure out what body shape you are!



    based on this graphic i'd say you are a square.

    As for clothes - try *kitten* on. Whatever makes you feel good and not look weird. I have some troubles with clothing like my gigantic calves won't let me get normal people knee high boots or skinny jeans without lycra. I only wear jeans with lycra. I only like low rise pants because I have a short torso and if I wear normal pants/jeans the top comes up to under my boobs and I think it looks ridiculous. Now try finding low riders these days - it's not in fashion and it's a pain in the *kitten* to find so I have like 2 pairs of jeans that are a billion years old and one I got lucky with at an op shop!

    Another issue I have with pants is that if they fit my legs the waist is loose and I have to wear a belt. If they can't get up past my calves/thighs then of course the waist will fit... so much annoyance.

    Some tops too I have to get a size up because sleeves bursting. but then too baggy... can never win really.
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    I think with clothing you should never be limited by a body shape label (fruit or otherwise :) ) If you see something you like try it on. That is the only way to know if it suits you. Also having a brutally honest friend who will tell you if it looks good or not is also important.
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    What the heck happened in here?!

    OP should not have to defend her question when she posts, and is not required to explain to anyone why she is interested in knowing the answer to a particular question. If you aren't interested in discussing the topic, there is absolutely no reason to respond. This can be considered trolling, and some of you came perilously close to being warned for doing so. You were spared only because I have coffee (which some kind soul purchased for me in the drive-thru this morning).

    This topic has been cleaned to remove some posts. If your post was removed and you aren't sure why, feel free to PM me. I'd love to discuss.
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    I also take my daughter with me and ask her opinion as she is brutally honest(like me) and tells me if something is flattering or not.

    I have a son I sometimes take with me when I'm shopping for a special outfit. He gives GREAT honest and funny feedback. A couple of years ago, I took him shopping with me for a formal dress. Took it into the dressing room, changed, came back out to show him and his reaction, after staring at me wide-eyed for a second was, "Master has given Dobby a SOCK!" Lol!

    Also, another vote for StitchFix. Love those guys, and love that they send me things that I wouldn't have picked out for myself. Sometimes I send them back, sometimes I keep them... but they've opened up my style world, and I love them for it.

    OP, based on the photos, I'd agree with the rectangle shape. BUT, those are 2-dimensional pics, so maybe not?
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    I'd say from your pics that you're neither apple or pear, just kind of athletic.
    I'm not sure how much use those dress for your shape pieces of advice are anyway - I'm apple shaped with narrow hips and often read advice saying I should wear shift type dresses but they look truly awful on me. So now I wear what makes me feel good, which is clothes that are fitted at the waist and flare at the hips - allegedly the worst for my body shape!
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    Idk. My shoulders are wider than hips, but my bust is tiny/non-existent and I don't have a super small waist (but it is ~ 10 inches smaller than hips) I like skinny jeans with stretch. I sometimes have to size up with pants to accommodate thighs, but then the waist is too big. Once you find a style that works, buy a couple/few of the same in different colors.