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    23nd Round for me: Female 65, height – 5’
    Here we are again. Looked over all my rounds and realized that I’ve only lost around 3 lb. total. 😖 I’d lost about 4 lb. on MFP before joining this challenge. I feel like I’ve lost around 10 – which I have. I also gained 7. Have to be less complacent about it. New maxim: each round counts.
    Round 39 (1st for me) – SW 163, loss -.2
    Round 40 – on holidays, gain +1.6
    Round 41 – SW 164.4, loss -2
    Round 42 - SW: 162.6, loss -.6
    Round 43 – SW 162, loss -.4
    Round 44 – SW 161.6, loss -1.6
    Round 45 – SW 160.8, gain +1
    Round 46 – SW 161.8, gain +.6
    Round 47 – SW 162.4, loss -2.2
    Round 48 – SW 160.2, missed most of this round and Round 49 as I was away without computer or scale.
    Round 50 – SW 160.2, loss -.8
    Round 51 – SW 160.8, loss -1
    Round 52 – on holidays, no scale
    Round 53 – SW 159.8, loss -1.4
    Round 54 – SW 158.4, gain +.6
    Round 55 – SW 159.4, +2.4
    Round 56 – SW 161.9, -.3
    Round 57 – SW 161.6, No change
    Round 58 – SW 161.6, -.4
    Round 59 – SW 161.2, +.4
    Round 60 – SW 161.6, -.8
    Round 61 – 160.8, -.6
    Round 62 – 160.2 Goal this round: under 159, I think this is doable and I need to challenge myself more.
    I’m going to apply to go on a short course in April. That is 12-15 weeks away (about 10 rounds). So my more immediate goal is to lose 1 lb/round. The course is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time – I don’t have to lose weight for it but it would be sweet if I did.
    Ultimate Goal Weight – 128; Hoping to be under 140 by end of June.

    12/14 – 161.2 – Not sure why I’m up as yesterday was quite good. If I hang in there I think it won’t last. I haven’t gotten to the gym this week though because of this cold, so maybe it’s that and drinking a lot (to keep the coughing under control)
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    12/5=200.4 First party today,Did well
    12/7=200.5 Party this afternoon.I am hearing so many of you to keep this holiday thing in perspective,bc if I weren't doing this,wow,it would be higher.I will enjoy,be cautious,exercise & always laugh with my pals.fingers crossed for tomorrow
    12/8=201.5 😢
    12/9=didn't weigh too afraid
    12/10=201.5 The same,but I did 150 min working out,bike,water walking& 2water classes,so I am back at it.
    12/11=200.0..Off to another party luncheon at a great Italian place,I will behave but no exercise yet today will get it in before the 4th grade band & chorus recital tonite.
    12/12=199.8. Did 3 water classes,love 'em.1 more party tonite,I feel good bc usually this would be a gaining time with so many festivities.We will see tomorrow
    12/13=200.1 again? But with 4 parties,I am happy could have been much worse.Sticking with it the next 2 weeks will be a challenge,will TRY
    12/14=200.1 Ok.no complaing bc even though I have kept within calls my Party choices were delicious but???Got to do more Merry Christmas ing without treats.

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    @puttyputty I also do that bedtime weigh in and predict my morning weight.

    @dowhatrightis I think I could eat my weight in steak! YUM! Good job!

    @wellnfree I hope your cough is better!! Here’s the link to Round 62

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    @cdavisdeva, Is your little guy beginning to teethe? It seems a random question, but I'm remembering what my two youngest grand children put their parents through during that time. Not much sleep beginning at 6 months.

    @tiabirdie56 I'm so sorry I missed this- It's been so busy around my house and I'm just now catching up on everyone's posts from the past couple of days. His bottom 2 teeth finally cut through, but he had a cold and was really stopped up so when he laid down at night he was miserable! He is finally feeling better though. Thanks for asking about him :)
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    @cdavisdeva, No problem. I know you're busy. Thanks for taking time to respond. But, Aww, TWO LITTLE TOOFS! Now he looks completely different. I always think the cold is from the teething. My Grandson has had a snotty nose cold and eczema for about 3 weeks. I think his last molars are coming.