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I miss...



  • honeybee__12honeybee__12 Member, Premium Posts: 14,775 Member Member, Premium Posts: 14,775 Member
    I miss my trips north up I-35.
  • JelaanJelaan Member Posts: 756 Member Member Posts: 756 Member
    Being able to stay up to greet the new year. It's 7pm, I've had half a Clamato Caesar and I'm ready for a nap. I only have a drink about 4 times a year - I'm a real lightweight. I would rather eat my calories. I find it hard enough to stay awake until midnight without a drink these days, but I really wanted to stay up tonight to make absolutely sure that 2020 actually left!
  • MommiLaurenMommiLauren Member Posts: 323 Member Member Posts: 323 Member
    I miss living in San Diego, I miss the beaches, I miss the smell of the ocean, and the tacos lol
  • vanityy99vanityy99 Member Posts: 2,250 Member Member Posts: 2,250 Member
    I miss the days before corona when I’d be at the club waiting in long lineups for the washroom and every girl in the line would spark a convo with each other while waiting talking about how we like each other’s outfits and be overly pretentious with the compliments. We would exchange snapchats saying how we would HAVE to chill with each other one day but never talk ever again. And I’d delete them immediately the next morning.

  • honeybee__12honeybee__12 Member, Premium Posts: 14,775 Member Member, Premium Posts: 14,775 Member
    I miss the times when there were lots of people on these threads.
    It kinda seems like a ghost of what it used to be.
  • DannypuckDannypuck Member Posts: 1,067 Member Member Posts: 1,067 Member
    I miss covering sports events. I won't be able to go to the New York state wrestling and cross country championships this year.
  • jomc20jomc20 Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    I miss feeling like I had a purpose, my friends 2,000 miles away, Appalachia friendliness and my skinny self.
    edited January 3
  • moya_blehmoya_bleh Member Posts: 1,376 Member Member Posts: 1,376 Member
    I miss hugging (or even seeing) my family.
    I miss the sound of chatter and music that hits you as you walk into a pub.
    I miss going to gigs.
    I miss the spontaneity of being able to decide to go out on the spur of the moment.

    Damn this pandemic! The other side will be all the more sweet!
  • capgordon2774capgordon2774 Member Posts: 52 Member Member Posts: 52 Member
    I miss my gym
  • yasminekassis613yasminekassis613 Member Posts: 268 Member Member Posts: 268 Member
    Cat0703a wrote: »
    I haven’t given my mama a hug or kiss since last March. She’s super immune compromised. And with working so close with people as a hairdresser, I would hate to put her at risk with contracting covid. I already had a covid scare with a dishonest client which sucked.. But yeah, I miss my mamas touch.. 💕💕

    This one weighed heavily on me today. I posted the same thing back in April, I think. Luckily, I made the difficult decision to mask up and give her the biggest hug. Glad I did because I’ll tell you that right now, I’d give anything to be able to do so but I no longer have the ability to.

    @yasminekassis613 I hope you get to give her one soon. When you do, hold her tight for all us who can no longer do so.

    💕💕💕💕 thank you so much, and for sharing your story! hoping I can soon. It truly is tough.
  • honeybee__12honeybee__12 Member, Premium Posts: 14,775 Member Member, Premium Posts: 14,775 Member
    having central vacuum in my house. 😕
  • CyberbartenderCyberbartender Member Posts: 986 Member Member Posts: 986 Member
    I miss spinning...
  • KickassAmazon76KickassAmazon76 Member Posts: 3,290 Member Member Posts: 3,290 Member
    ReenieHJ wrote: »
    I miss Miss_Mischievious
    Still. :(

    Me too. I keep hoping she'll come back. Does anybody know her outside if here? Is she ok?
  • Laughter_GirlLaughter_Girl Member Posts: 2,059 Member Member Posts: 2,059 Member
    I miss gathering with my friends and family. Game nights via Zoom are ok, but it's not like being in-person.
  • KosmosKittenKosmosKitten Member Posts: 9,673 Member Member Posts: 9,673 Member
    • Being under 200lbs. Haven't managed this since 2012. Being pregnant and then having a child during and under severe stress for nine months changes a person physically, who knew?
    • Galaxy and Magellan. I still see their shadows and hope to hear their mews sometimes. I often mistake Binx and Jonesy for them because even though they distinctly are different kitties, they have similar mannerisms.. almost like a weird form of kitty reincarnation.
    • Doing things like dinner dates with my husband or family, visiting my family members, hanging out in the arcade or watching films in theaters. Due to my husband's job, he is not allowed to engage in anything that could be seen as dangerous to the workplace, so they still have all of us under lock down (have been since June).
    • Certain people. I know they were probably not good for me mentally and they definitely had some toxic traits, but we had good times and its hard to balance the good with the overwhelming bad some days. I still miss them; we were close.
  • honeybee__12honeybee__12 Member, Premium Posts: 14,775 Member Member, Premium Posts: 14,775 Member
    Waking up full of energy.

    Waking up at a reasonable hour.

    Waking up without my first thoughts being all the things that are falling apart in my life.

    Waking up feeling like I’m young, I’ve got time.
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