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    So glad everyone is here!! I’ve been sticking to my low-sugar, high protein plan so far this year and it’s getting easier. I am still off dairy and missing cheese something terrible but I find it much easier to make my calorie goal without it...
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    Hi all, just had my second (5 weeks postpartum)...want to get back into shape. Not doing anything really strenuous yet, since I’m so fresh after baby, but excited to have some accountability partners. With my first I struggled most with cravings for sugary food especially while breastfeeding, so hoping to do better this time around. Not sure when the heck I will find time to workout, but I’m determined. With a 2.5 year old and my newborn, hopefully I’ll get time in the morning, but who knows. Oh and I’m also off dairy, which sucks but I made it last time to somehow, miss my cheese already. Excited to meet you all :)

    I also have a almost 3 year old and a 10 week old newborn and don't know how I will find tine for working out hopefully we can motivate each other:😀
  • ilikejam33
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    I am a mom of 2, an almost 3 year old and a 10 week old. It was a cesarean delivery and I am finally feeling like I am back to myself, although I have no idea how I will find time to add workouts other than chasing a toddler around...ha ha.

    My plan is to start with getting my eating habits back on track and then to add in whatever exercise I can. In the past I have always gone overboard or nothing so my hope is to find a balance that can be maintained this time around.

    I am looking forward to being in a group with others who get the challenge of finding balance for oneself while caring for tiny humans.

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    Hi, I'm expecting baby #3 any day now. I'm hoping to get in shape but also want to breastfeed so we'll see how weight loss goes. I breastfed my first child and gained 50 lbs that year! (I did eventually get back to pre-pregnancy weight.. hard work!) I'm hoping to at least not gain 50 lbs this year. My goal is to go on walks, count calories and try not to mess up my milk supply! Slow and steady! But also to not stress eat/ overeat/ gain weight.
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    Hi all .... My name is Michele. I’m a new mom. My first! My “you can and will never have kids” miracle baby 😀 I had my little baby boy just about 4 months ago 3 days after my 40th birthday.
    I have PCOS and my age AND severe joint pain issues (which I push through) ... I have been finding it hard to lose ANY weight. Being busy with a fussy infant AND caring for my mom I find it hard to be active (other than work - security at a zoo - LOTS of walking).
    Unfortunately I have also found myself stress eating 🙁
    I’m hoping joining a group will provide me with some tips, motivations, and support. Oh and some new mommy friends 😃
    Looking forward to meeting and chatting with you ladies AND having a helping hand on my new weight loss journey.
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    Hello ladies! I just found this group - I've been using MFP for a little over 2 years. I became a mother to a baby girl February 15. I have a nutrition coach & I'm using MFP for tracking macros, while incorporating working out again after being cleared from a pelvic floor therapist. Is anyone still active in this group? :)