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    @quiltingjaine so envious of the luxury of staying at home. Here I tell myself, only one-and-a-half day left...

    12/21 131.0 Finished the ornaments yesterday afternoon. This morning - Reading and having my BPC before making a cake for my Arts and Crafts potluck at noon. I stopped reading, got the cake in the oven and continued reading everyone’s posts. The cake is out, the berries slightly sweetened and all that remains is making the stabilized whipped cream! And I’m caught up on posts.

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    Hi @tiabirdie56 Happy Friday!! I Did Adrian Bryant's Bed Sheet Workout #3 this morning (standing up and w/out a sheet) but OMG what a great workout!!! Just what these old bat wings needed, lololo ~ He's had so many success stories, decided I'm just going to alternate his upper/lower body HIIT workouts for the next 30-60 days with a walking plan and see what we see ... sooo motivated right now 💪💪💪💪
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    @DebCountsAll, Yes what you said to @MadisonMolly2017! I will never understand why people just do not want to learn what specifically makes them gain weight, food and habits or know it and ignore it. AND, do not want to learn to eat properly!

    @quiltingjaine, I understand. {{{hugs}}} So sorry that you have arthritis so bad. My mother had osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis that just ravaged and deformed her body.

    @aFit50, That is great! Sadly, my knee and my shoulders are acting real crazy and I have been very hesitant to do any workouts. Today, I couldn't even stand long without pain. I'm going to buy a chair to use for workouts when my knee won't comply. I had really been looking forward to doing that bedsheet workout. Maybe Saturday night😀
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    @MadisonMolly2017 What you typed is practically a primer for how to live life. Most want to lose weight, then go back to the way of eating that got them overweight in the first place!

    So true - thank you!
    I guess there were reasons for those prior habits... that’s why it’s about so much more than the weight.

    BTW, I love your name! Tracking is key, so I can identify patterns :)

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    @MadisonMolly2017, Yes these were my problems exactly.

    1) They are really busy going to school/building a career/raising children/sad for empty nest/caregiving infirm parents/getting divorced/experiencing loss or financial hardship...and food becomes a self-care.
    2) They think they have to starve.
    3) Many REALLY don’t want to count calories.
    4) American culture of fried foods, salty foods, cheese on everything, humongous portions, not to mention sweet drinks is ever present & tastes delicious to many.
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    Fried and salty foods actually get me sick now when I over indulge in them especially before bed, :)
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    @jenn990205, Oh well, hopefully there will be another opportunity for a relaxing evening. Going to retrieve your son was more important. My husband and I have been in similar situations with our sons many tiimes. Glad to know he was and is safe.
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    Sorry if this is duplicated, I can’t find it.

    @tiabirdie56 Sadly I can spend too much time at the sewing machine PHYSICALLY but never enough MENTALLY. Rods in my back, arthritis in probably everywhere, but as I’ve often said, it’s better than the option of being in a wheelchair. I need to set a timer so I stop and move around otherwise I would sew for hours on end.

    @MollyMadison2017 Next time, I would not hesitate to say, “You don’t need to bring anything but if you feel you must, please don’t bring sweets. Perhaps a meat and cheese tray or fruit or veggie tray. I’ve worked hard to get where I am and prefer to not have the temptation.” I have not hesitated to tell people what I’m doing eating wise and when I go through the line at our potlucks the servers are great at pointing out the carb loaded foods and know I bring only LCHF/keto dishes. Amazing that I seldom have leftovers to bring home!

    @taxgirl1 Are you lactose intolerant? Our daughter went through a battery of tests at 15-16 because she would vomit or have diarrhea at every meal. It turned out a simple breath test showed high output of hydrogen, I believe. The doctor had an “aha moment” and said she was lactose intolerant. That was over 30 years ago before all of the dairy milk alternatives and at the time she was consuming almost a gallon of milk a day by herself!

    @quiltingjaine I'm guessing I am lactose intolerant. I will talk to the nutritionist tomorrow and figure out a plan to confirm.